Wear Summer Friendly Clothes

Wear Summer Friendly Clothes
The summer season is at its on top. In this season some people will go to the cold places to spend the holidays, but those who have to bear the heat right here, what should they do? So, here you will notice that you wear clothes in summer which will give coolness to your body.

Although in this season everyone likes to wear pants like T-shirts and trousers, but if you are a working men or women, it is natural that you have to wear an official dress. But it is necessary that even in there you should take care that you wear light colored cotton clothes.

Young boys and girls or working men and women, everybody should choose only light colors clothes when buying dresses, which will be able to absorb sweat during this summer season. Wearing cold clothes is quite fun, first you do not feel like heat, and secondly it also gives a sense of coolness.

Let us know which colored clothes to wear in the summer season that makes us feel light and comfortable:

Light blue color dresses:

When you wear light blue clothes, you feel cold, which makes the heat even lesser. The light blue t-shirt, shirt or white and light blue shirt looks good on men, while girls can wear blue t-shirts, shorts, tops, etc.

Pink Color Cloth:

Pink color is the favorite color of girls. The heat or cold, pink color clothing trend continues. The color of Pink color gives the feeling of coolness. On the other hand, light pink color shirts are very good on men’s body.

White color dresses:

White is an evergreen color, so to say. You can wear it by matching with any color. This white color is light and comfortable. So wear mostly white cotton clothes in summer.

Light green color dresses:

Light green clothes make you feel relaxed, as well as give others a sense of coolness. This means that the color is as comfortable as it is in wearing, when a person looks at this color, his eyes also feel cool.

Lemon shade color:

There are very fine differences in colors. Lemon shed color fabrics are for yellowing, but this color is not completely yellow. Wearing a linen quality clothing of Lemon Shade, you will also look beautiful and there will be some relief from heat.

Gray Color:

Typically, this color will get you in the T-shirt. Wear blue color jeans with this color T-shirt, you will also look attractive and the heat will not even tighten you.

Avoid wearing such clothes in summer

Not only in the summer season, there is a need to take care of eating and drinking, but also have to take care of the costume. The more comfortable clothes you wear in this season, you will look better. In some people you may have seen that due to wearing wrong clothes the problems of red rash and irritation on the skin begin to arise.

In such a situation, while choosing clothes during this season, be sure to keep these things in mind:

Avoid wearing from heavy fabric:

In these seasons, wearing light cotton fabrics is considered to be the best, because this not only makes you feel confluent. Rather, they can also avoid skin problems. In this case, stay away from clothes like silk, satin, synthetic, nylon or velvet.

Say ‘No’ to black color clothes:

Black clothes should not be worn in summer because it has a direct impact of the sun’s ultra violet rays, which makes it feel more heat. Therefore, dresses should be of light colors in this season, which will cool eyes. Wear clothes made especially of cotton, chiffon, linen, handloom and khadi. Such clothes easily absorbs sweat.

Do not wear pearls (stone) work clothes:

In this season, wearing excessive embroidery or work clothes should be avoided, as it keeps the body from scratching. Also, due to sweating, there is a prick in such clothing which leaves the red marks in the body.

Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes:

Fitting is not needed for summer clothes. Because, as you wear loose clothing these days, the more comfort you will feel. Keep in mind that wearing fitting clothes gives perspiration even more.

No cut sleeves:

Even if people use cut sleeve more often these days, due to the openness of the fingers in the sun, there is problem of tanning. So do not forget to put sun-lotions on your open skin and cover your fingers while leaving the sun. – Praveen Goyal

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