Be a Visionary, Start the New Day As New Inning

Be a Visionary, Start the New Day As New Inning :

Let Us Concentrate

The mental fluctuations and excess of work sometimes leave negative impact on the capacity to focus. Person suffering from this problem cannot concentrate on work. As a result, the daily routine is affected.

The health experts say that there are many physical, mental or social reasons for unstable mentality. This results in lack of concentration in the person and he cannot focus on work. With the change in the life style we can keep the mind cool and stable. You can give your 100%. Let us know, how:

Foresightedness is necessary:

A person should always be visionary. Even a small work started without planning can lead you towards failure. Set and decide a time for doing a particular work so that the other priorities do not suffer.  For example kids have come from the tuition and husband is also due to come from office.  At that time instead of preparing dinner, if you sit to email, your priority will be affected. Besides, you will also feel stressed.

Try To Note Down:

Note down in the diary the stray thoughts which are troubling you. Night time will be better for this. After completing all the daily works and before sleep prepare this list and next morning, start taking action on it. The psychologists say that with this you will not forget any work and you will finish the work according to the priority. Take five to ten minutes to think over it and then start writing so that you can fix the priorities accordingly. Remember that whatever you write should be with positive approach. It is but natural that hindrances may come. But instead of wasting time on those and feeling guilt, it is better that you try to find out the solution. You will be happy on finding out the ones.

Go On Taking Breaks:

With continuous work, the capacity of mind to think and understand gets slow.  In between take small breaks so that you can gather new ideas and increase your creativity.  To learn and think more, mind has to be given a break, otherwise its capacity starts limiting. Hence after every hour, spare ten minutes for roaming.

Think of the Present:

It is good to think of the future but this does not mean that you neglect the present. Present must be welcomed warmly. If you think about future, leaving behind the present, a dirty net of thoughts will revolve in your mind and you will not be able to focus on the work in hand. Also remember that remembering the past for so long will also affect the quality of work and concentration as well.  This also results in non achievement of the target.

Prepare Healthy Atmosphere:

The first condition to become successful is to have healthy surroundings. For example, everything which is necessary should be readily available and unwanted things be taken out from the room. The atmosphere also helps in focusing, and concentration can easily be developed.  If the doors and windows are not there, surely you will feel bored after sometime. Fresh air and outside the room pleasant scenario helps a lot for the concentration. Meditation is also necessary and it is the best option for concentration. With the help of the meditation, person feels energetic the whole day which results in work efficiency.

Observe Time Management:

If you are not able to focus on work or the work is not being finished in the set time, Time Management is the next skill to learn.  In such situations some people try to focus on the things but they do not become successful.  Experts say that you may complete the work, but creativity and quality will not come.  How much time should be devoted for a particular work should be decided before hand?  It is important to note that if you are not able to finish the work, do not stress or pressurize yourself.  Instead you should find out the reasons responsible for that and start acting on that. The next morning should be planned a night before and to the extent possible, preparations for the next days’ work should be done a night before.

Start New Day As New Inning:

We all know that every day is not the same.  Morning means one more inning.  Daily you get a new inning to play.  When you are playing, why not play better?  If today something has happened wrong, not let this thought sleep with you and get up the next morning with you.  Every morning get up with fresh mind and you will feel hale and healthy.  If your morning is fresh it will have a good and positive effect on your work, mind and you will gain concentration which will in long run improve your performance.

How Focus is Affected:

  • Physical tiredness and lack of sleep
  • No taste in the work and feeling bored
  • Stress or any mental pressure
  • Taking several works in hand at one time and not able to finish a single work even.

Today in the busy schedule of work, most of the persons are involved in so many works.  They cannot dedicate much time in one work. Today a person is not devoted to one organization. In some cases it is not possible as well. He works according to hours, from one organization to other.  His run stops late in night.  Then also his mind is not free. He has to complete the target.  This target culture is ruining our youth.

Now instead of admissions in the colleges, marketing has come to capture the students by all means. Because they have to fulfill the target given to them, they make false promises to the students. After that they never become available to listen to the grievances of students. The whole structure gets shaken.

Take that work in hand which you can complete with concentration. Don’t go after quantity, but always focus on quality of the work. This will cool your mind and thus the productivity will also increase. SHIKHA MEHTA

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