Be Bold, Don’t Keep Low Self Esteem

Be Bold, Don’t Keep Low Self Esteem :

The confidence level of a person goes up and down due to the conditions of life.  The psychologists say that a person gains self confidence only when his self-esteem level is high.

In other words, it means he does not underestimate himself.

People suffering from low self esteem always criticize themselves. Use “stupid” or  “idiot” type words for themselves. He has the habit of talking to himself and always try to blame himself for any wrong thing. This may also be that for anything wrong, or for a failure, he will blame the luck.

Psychologists say that these people are never satisfied with life and its achievements. There are so many reasons responsible for low self esteem sufferers like family atmosphere, upbringing, financial and social reasons also.

Let us know about some of them

  • The people who have faced much criticism from their parents and teachers, in their childhood, become low self-esteem persons.
  • The low self-esteem persons get negative effect also, on their academic performance. They become PICHDA or back-benchers in their studies, as compared to other children.
  • Facing of financial crisis and ups and downs in the relationships also makes the person with low self-esteem.
  • If a person is victimized due to the wrong behavior of the partner or parents, then also this problem can arise.
  • Due to physical weakness or incapability, a person can be a victim of this mental ailment.

How You Can Be Saved?

The sufferer of low self-esteem himself has to take the first steps to eradicate this.  The psychologists say that the sufferer himself can get rid of this problem by making honest efforts.  There is no medicine for this.

There is a saying:

“Khudi ko kar buland itna ki har takdeer se pehle khuda khud bande se pooche, bata teri raza kya hai?

Adopt Positive Approach:

In these circumstances, he himself can make pace with the positive thoughts. For example try to make yourself confident that you have so many qualities. How you are better than others? Prepare a list of your qualities in the diary. Whenever your mood is off, open that diary. If possible start your morning with this diary, so thatyou get positive energy. Always say glass is half full, not that glass is half empty. Meaning is the same but words count a lot. It changes the picture altogether.

Be Clear In Your Views:

The person should try to put his thoughts, emotions and views clearly before others. Never keep low feeling about yourself and your own thoughts. If you do not respect your thoughts then others will also not respect your thoughts.

Do Not Worry:

Low self-esteem person always worry about the future. The psychologists say that if you cannot change certain things, does not matter; but at least you should not carry guilt of not changing them.  Live in present and forget the future.

At the same time sad memories, worst days and the hurting incidents must be forgotten.

With this your present cannot be pleasant.  If at all you have to remember, go back in the happy moments of the past.  There is so much pleasant in the world. Think about that.  Be away from the imaginary fearful thoughts for the future. SANYAM.

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