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Importance of Failure Failure does not break a man, it makes a man.

Introduction: Life isn’t all about achievements and happiness. There are moments when we fail and fall. Such moments are dull and make us despondent. For some time these moments snatch away our willingness to move ahead and keep trying.

We tend to give up. But such times are testing times. We can either take these moments as failure or a tiger’s bend before pouncing. Failure, if taken as a challenge and a teaching, proves to be fruitful. It makes us know our mistakes. An intelligent person is one who will learn from these mistakes and not repeat them.

Failure is a Good Opportunity:

While we are on a venture and completely absorbed in it, we might lose an objective view of it and do not realize the wrong things we are doing. A Failure is a very good opportunity to take some time off and look at the venture objectively. It detaches us from the task for some time. One should take this chance to look into one’s weaknesses and work upon them. The gaps and the lapses can be worked upon in the next attempt. Hence, failure makes us reflect on our mistakes and weaknesses and helps us work on them, realign ourselves, mend our ways and improve ourselves. It inculcates in us patience, creativity and perseverance.

No Success Without Failure:

There is no success story without failing. All great men and women who have been extremely successful and made a name for themselves have taken immense inspiration from their failures and learnt positively from them. Undoubtedly, one tends to get sad and disappointed and it is totally genuine to feel so. However, one should not take it so personally and give up. “Failures were never those who failed, they were those who never tried.” Hence, one must rise back stronger for a bigger leap.

Getting Success after Failure is More Enjoyable:

If one keeps on succeeding, he/she also forgets the value of that success and may start taking it for granted. Failures on the other hand keep a person humble and grounded. Such people value success more and are more grateful for their achievements. Success after failing makes the person enjoy that success much more than succeeding in the first go. There is an important quote “I either win or learn” which truly means that the one who tries never fails. The teachings he gets while experiencing that journey of highs and lows are the teachings for life. Lessons learnt help a person throughout his life.

Failure an Important Part of Life:

Failure is actually an important part of life. It helps us learn, grow, and develop resilience. One should not be afraid of failure rather one should see it as an opportunity for growth.

Whether one is preparing for an exam, interview, competition, marathon, any sports or any other goal that one wants to achieve in life, success is never guaranteed. Especially in the first go. Humans are prone to making mistakes and sometimes it is not a mistake on our part. It may be the circumstances or a situation that is not conducive for that person to function well. Thus, amidst a myriad of circumstances a person may not be able to achieve what he/she wants. These moments strengthen him and make him strong.

Henry Ford said:

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

When one hits his worst, he develops a ‘come what may’ attitude because he has already seen and experienced what he never wanted for himself. Now he knows even if he fails again, it won’t snatch away his self confidence. Such is a ‘winner’ attitude. Trying and not giving up, despite failing. I wonder, what is the way to learn, if not by failing and making mistakes? Failure is not the end of the road, it is a stepping stone.

Today, the world has become an overly competitive space where failures are looked down upon. The idea of perfection has made people judge others who are unable to do something. This creates success and very often leads to depression and anxiety. Youth on being overburdened because of the expectations of people around them resort to suicides. One should remember that acceptance towards failing and understanding that failure is a part of life is really important.

Surmount the Fear of Failure:

Often we see people not trying for their dreams because of some fear. This fear is the fear of failure. This fear can only be dealt with by facing it and not running away. Once and for all, if it is faced, it can be surmounted. None was a born winner. They became winners by fighting the demons of fear. A lot many inventions and discoveries in history have been a result of failed attempts and trials. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” said Thomas Edison.


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts” were the words of Winston Churchill which hold so much truth. Thus, failure is a very natural aspect of life and in this journey of life, the road we are walking has many puddles that we need to overcome. Choice is ours if we want to walk down that lane happily or keep complaining all the while for the hardships thrown at us.


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