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Importance of Failures in Life

Life is a journey from birth to death. It is a series of various events taking place. Some events make us feel happy and, some make us feel sad. Success and failure are also part and parcel of life. Success makes us rejoice and feel proud of what we have gained and achieved. It makes us feel good about ourselves.

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Success brings a good name, reputation, and respect. Failure, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. No one wants to fail in life. It makes one feel sad and demotivated. But is there anyone who has never failed even in one of his endeavors? Thomas Edison failed countless times before inventing the light bulb. Einstein did not have an easy childhood. J.K. Rowling’s life had been falling apart before she came up with Harry Potter. These are just a few examples, but every successful story has failure as an essential part of it, sometimes even a major turning point.

It is said that failure is the best teacher in life. The lessons given by our failures are so valuable that even our success cannot give us those lessons. Failure is a test of our persistence and perseverance. If a person gives up immediately after failing once, it shows that he/she was not motivated in the first place. Everyone has to go through hardships at some point of time. The reaction of the person towards those hardships will actually decide how the failure will affect him in the long run.

When we fail in what we desperately wanted to succeed, grief and sorrow are inevitable.  But life doesn’t stop at any point and hence, the person again gets up and musters the courage to fight back failure with new vigor, zeal, and enthusiasm thus, treading on the journey again. This is very essential to keep going on in life and go through every situation. This can be learned only from failures.

 Failure teaches this very vital lesson that one cannot put a halt to everything and give up just because of failures but rather should learn from the mistakes, recoup and focus on the areas to improve upon so that the person can bounce back to victory the very next time or with multiple times. Failure makes us strong and a person of grit and passion. A person who succeeds will only know one way to succeed whereas a person who fails knows what not to do. Hence, he has a wider perspective.

A person who struggles more while navigating through his life journey and works hard is much more immune to the hardships and circumstances he has to face. He has more experience and a great sense of self. Even if the worst comes, he has the capacity to remain rooted to his ground and tackle the situation calmly. Failures make a person stronger and tough in every possible way because the mental tenacity gets developed, acceptance levels increase and the person learns the virtue of patience and persistence through difficult situations. So, we can say that failure makes us resilient and increases our endurance. When we fail, we discover other ways to approach the same situation. Hence, failure augments our creativity. This also leads to self-discovery and there is nothing better than that.

Failures are also important because these help in identifying who our real and true friends are. Good times are always accompanied by friends and family but the ones who stand by us during the harsh times are true friends. Therefore, this is one of the most important features of failure, which otherwise is impossible to make out. This is because, during happy times, everyone wants to be there.

We will always find a lot of people around who would like to be a part of the success but many of these will drift apart and not care whenever a person is surrounded by failures and is going through difficult times. Only the ones who care will be there to support us through thick and thin and in this way, failures will help us to choose the right people for ourselves. One of the most important things that failure teaches us is to appreciate and value success. The more we struggle to achieve, the more it is valued and treasured. Success comes sweeter after a good struggle and hard work. Failure must not be feared but rather embraced and taken positively so that the next time the same opportunity comes up, we rise stronger and achieve all that we want.


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