Leave It or Live It

Leave It or Live It

Life is indeed extremely short and we just live it once. Hence, it is very crucial to understand the importance of life and live it to the fullest. The ultimate purpose of life is to live and let others live. Societal living becomes possible only when there are feelings of brotherhood and communal harmony among members. This article will focus on some ways to live life to its fullest.

The first aim in life is to get clear regarding what matters the most. It can be taking responsibility and care of the family or giving the best in the career or writing new articles every day. Everyone around us including family, friends, and relatives has their own opinions but your personal opinion matters the most because at the end of the day all you have is you. Hence, one must do what makes one genuinely happy. This makes life easier. This just does not include doing a dream job but it also refers to following passions and pursuing hobbies or performing social work.

It is widely asserted that if one dies not to take risks, one cannot get anywhere in life. Hence, it is crucial to take risks. No doubt, it has danger involved with it but it is also true that every reward has danger with it. Without taking risks, one cannot live life to the fullest since living in a comfort zone is the optimal way of becoming unsatisfied in life. It is necessary to jump out of the narrow shell or the comfort zone to learn stagnate personal as well as professional life. It can include traveling to a whole new town or going on a blind date etc.

Love is essential for the survival of human beings and showing love to other human beings is equally important. Everyone appreciates being loved in daily life. So, one must never stop himself from showing love to others. Random things such as passing a compliment to a stranger can make them smile, expressing romantic love for someone can make someone feel marvelous. There are many ways of expressing and walking on the path of love in life and they must be followed.

It is necessary to take lessons from past mistakes and also plan smartly regarding the future.  For being present in the moment, mindfulness must be practiced. This involves living in the very moment by observing the surroundings, focusing on thoughts, and understanding the feelings or it can be called being fully self-aware. Another way of practicing mindfulness is trying meditation as it can assist in getting in touch with feelings as well as thoughts. For focusing on the present, the optimal way is to practice gratitude. One must practice gratitude every day by writing at least five things he is grateful for. This will help one to focus on the present moment.

It is a fact no matter what we have done; some people will never appreciate us and keep on hating us. So, such people must be ignored in life as they have the habit of pointing out failures and mistakes in everything you do because they possess a negative mindset. One must focus on oneself and people with a positive attitude who support one in one`s hard time and struggle. To protect oneself from haters, one must keep one`s guards on and practice self-love so that no one can break you down.

To live a life full of content, one must never compromise one`s ethics or beliefs. If you do not believe in something or do not find anything appropriate, never do it because such acts make you feel regretful and empty. One should follow one`s intuition or instincts so that one can stand in front of the mirror and look at oneself with full confidence, love, and appreciation.

Kindness is a lifestyle that must be adapted for a purposeful life. One must not leave any opportunity to help others, it does not necessarily mean financial bits of help but it can include smiling at someone, speaking kind words to someone, passing genuine compliments, helping the poor, etc.

For growing in life, it is very important to keep the mind open. It is false that there is only one way of looking at a thing. Everyone has different experiences which shape their different perspectives. Hence, one should be open enough to listen to the perspectives of others and respect them. Respecting them does not necessarily mean accepting or believing them. Listening to the point of view of others makes the brain healthy, sharp, and active.  One should never believe that one knows everything because every person one meets has something new to teach one.

To succeed in life, one must be courageous enough to take actions upon one`s ideas or whatever matters to one because execution is everything. Ideas are not useful until action is taken upon them.

In conclusion, it is a huge step to learn to live life in the best possible way and exploring a path that will lead to feelings of accomplishment and happiness. Everyone desires a feeling of satisfaction and rest in life but staying at one place cannot allow a person to grow because discovery provides meaning to the life.


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