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Experiences of the Spiritual Followers : Grace of the Revered Saint Dr.Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan

 Dear Son! Don`t worry. Recite the God`s Words Day and Night

Premi Hoshiyar Chand Insan Sewadar Chhayawan Samiti son of Shri Dewan Chand village Chak Nidhana tehsil Gurharshaye district Ferozepur (Punjab) hereby describes the benevolenceconferred upon his brother bythe Revered Present Spiritual Master:

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It pertains to the year 2006. My brother Balkar Chand suddenly had a stomach ache. Dr. Kumar of Jalalabad got ultrasound done andfound thedisease of appendicitis. We got the operation done from Civil Hospital Jalalabad. The next day, on June 7, a ball formed in the patient’s stomach and the stomach swelled. After that, we got the patient checked up from many doctors of Jalalabad and Fazilka , but no one came to know about the disease.

On July 19, we got the patient admitted to Guru Gobind Singh Medical College, Faridkot. Seeing the reports of checkup and ultrasound, the doctor referred the patient to P.G.I. Chandigarh on July 22. We returned home. On July 23, when I showed the report to Dr. Doomda, Jalalabad, the doctor said that this patient has been diagnosed with cancer. Had he been an old man, there would have been no need to go anywhere. You can call him to P.G.I. Take home to Chandigarh.

We reached Chandigarh on 24th July. The patient was admitted to the surgical ward. City scans were conducted on 25 July and 3 August. But the patient was discharged on August 5.The doctors said that the patient will not be operated on and he will be cured by medicine. On August 12, the patient is to be tested and after seeing the report, the medicine will be prescribed.

I requested to Dr. Amit, who was on duty there, to admit the patient, what will we do by taking him home, he has come from far away. On this request, the doctor gave us the phone number, that you can talk from 9 am to 5 pm in case of emergency. We came back home.We got tested again on 12th August. On 15th August, there was a lot of pain, so I talked to Dr. Amit on the phone. The doctor asked to bring the patient and get him admitted in the emergency ward and tell the doctor on duty to talk to me (Dr. Amit) on the phone. We arrived  PGI on August 16 at 5 pm. But the staff on duty was not admitting the patient.

Around 11 o’clock in the night, Dr. Amit came in the emergency ward and asked to admit the patient. By admitting the patient at five in the morning,  he was sent to the ward ‘c’ floor no. 15 medicineward. In the hospital, I requested to my Revered Spiritual Master, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, You are the savior, bless this person. I promise to You that I will definitely bring this person to the spiritual abode and will also get get him initiated into the God`s Words. I was crying and at the same time I was praying in front of the Revered Father, what will people say that the whole family renders humanitarian service in the spiritual abode and the Supreme Master did not even listen to them.

After all, the Revered Father listened to my plea and on the same day, on 23rd August, after getting the medicine, the patient was discharged at 4:00 pm and it was said that the next  dose of medicine would be administered on 11th September. We came back home.

A spiritual congregation was scheduled to be held in Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa on 27th August. I reached Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa with my family along with Balkar Chand to fulfill my promise. During the spiritual congregation, the patient was given the blessed eatable meant for the sick only and  the patient was also initiated into the God`s Words. After the evening Majlis, when the Revered Father was going towards Terawas from the the Sachkhand Hall, we were also going to wish for the good health of the patient. My family, the patient ‘s wife and her small children were also with her.

I went ahead and appealed to my Revered father that Revered Father! My brother has got cancer. The Revered Father said, ‘Wherein dear son?’ I said, Revered Father, in the stomach. The Revered Present SpiritualFather asked again, ‘Son, from where is he being treated?’ I replied, the Revered Father, he is getting treatment from P.G.I.Chandigarh. So, the Revered Father said, “Okay son! Doctors from Delhi come to Our hospital. Get him checked up, consult the doctors.’ The benevolent Spiritual Master, while showing His mercy on the patient, stated, ‘ Dear son! Do not worry, chant the God`s Words day and night.”

Keeping the words of the Revered Spiritual Master, we took the patient to Shah Satnam Ji Specialty Hospitals, Sirsa by sitting in a rickshaw. At that time the hospital was very crowded. We entered the emergency ward at nine o’clock in the night. After talking to the doctor from Delhi on the phone, the doctor put a drip and conducted some tests. The doctor told that the doctors from Delhi will come on 16 September.

We reached Chandigarh on 11th September to get next dose of the medicine. The medicine was administered and the doctor said that this medicine will have to be administered 6 to 8 times, after the gap of 21 days. After this, on 16 September, as per statement of the Revered Father, we reachedShah Satnam Ji SpecialtyHospitals, Sirsa to get the patient checked up. The doctors from Delhi checked the reports and said that the medicines are working fine. It will be taken 6 to 8 times, the patient will be completely fine.

This was only an excuse for medicine, the disease was actually cured by the Revered Present SpiritualFather at the same time, when His Holiness while looking at patient, had stated. “ Dear son! Don`t worry. Recite the God`s Words day and night.” The patient was administered the medicine eight times. The patient is fine. It’s been almost sixteen years since this incident. How can we forget the benevolence of the Revered Present Spiritual Father? Our family does not have words to extend  thanksto our Revered Father. Blessed is Our spiritual Master!


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