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Innovation is the concept of new ideas, devices or methods that bring better solution to meet the new requirements, unarticulated or existing needs for the society.

It is accomplished through more effective products, processes, technologies, services or business models which become readily available to the government and general masses. We may consider ‘Innovation’ as different changes or alterations, transformations, metamorphosis, reorganization, restructure, rearrangement, recasting and better renovation.

The inventions and discoveries are much superior but also linked with innovations.

Qualities to Achieve Innovation

The Innovation can be achieved through certain eminent qualities.

Self Confidence

The renowned scientists, doctors, artists, sports persons, agriculturists etc. have achieved their targets through reliable confidence.

  • First of all the implementation of ideas, through good imagination, provide the major assets to achieve success in life.
  • The concept of creativity is essential to take it as granted through righteous efforts. A person may possess good physical health, wealth and other resources but lack of self confidence fails to provide the desired progress.
  • The open mode of operation is more receptive, relaxed, exploratory, playful and humorous. These aspects guide and inspire us for improvement of actions.
  • You must perform constructive tasks with full efforts. The appreciation about your success will keep on encouraging your attempts.
  • Try to get involved in tasks which tend to create fear in mind. The things we fear in most organizations are fluctuations, disturbances and imbalances.
  • Do not feel disappointed and distressed during situations of failures; rather try to restart the work with full devotion and confidence. Also try to analyze the problems and shortcomings so as to find righteous solutions.
  • Contact the persons who are already in advanced state of projects so as to seek guidelines and motivations.
  • Study useful books and literature to gain the necessary knowledge about particular subject. Importance of proper Planning: The process of raising new questions, to regard old problems from new angles, new solutions require creative imagination and mark real advance in the scientific projects. Once we read ourselves of traditional thinking, we can get on with creativity of future. There will not be the requisite progress without creativity and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.

We should concentrate on the scheme and procedure of the task to achieve the goal or destination, accquire the latest skill from expert personnel’s, adopt better practice, make arrangements for required equipments, time management and introspection of improvements at regular intervals. The time, talents and energy are natural and divine gifts to mankind.

Work with Great Zeal and Courage

The achievement of success in any field kindles our enthusiasm and motivates us to venture on innovative concepts. The events of failures tend to discourage our thoughts and the mind acquires feebleness which tends to create disinterest for a particular task. You must develop strong winning spirit; take the defeat as a challenge.

Investigate upon the causes of failures; learn from the qualities of winners so as to improve upon personal status. However, certain theories of innovations cause toilsome troubles and danger. When you are keen to achieve your goal, you have to move steadily towards it with commitment, patience, strong will and perseverance.

Noble Thoughts and Aspirations

These are everlasting sources of strength, stability and peace. The splendid thoughts are the foundations of inner joy and cheers. The best motivation is provided through our Spiritual Guide. Seek initiation; concentrate on regular prayer and method of meditation, so as to gain the spiritual will power and Divine bliss. The joy inside means, the delight outside and everywhere.

Let nothing hinder your Endeavour to achieve this noble objective which you set for yourself. The strong tides of life push the man forward to the mainstream of present (which merges into future as the time advances) overcome inadequately; carry on forward movements without reluctance towards a glorious future. The courage confers the ability to face and endure fear, danger or sufferings for a cause.

Both courage and bravery are required upon rough storms of life, for achieving the excellence in the selected fields of activities and overcoming the low state of mind during the moments of distress. According to Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam, introspect about these principles,” I am the best, I can do it, goodness is always within, I am the winner and today is my day.”

Avoid Negative Intentions

Disappointments, despair and pessimistic outlook disturb self confidence. Positive thinking leads to physical and mental strength. It is not good to have friendship with persons of evil and negative belief. Let us clear our misunderstanding, anger, resentment, fear, guilt, rejection, failures, envy, misbehavior, impatience, mistakes and adverse feelings. Our mind is architect and director of every thought and action. We should exert our full command on our mind so as to perform willful and prominent activities.

How to achieve Innovations?

The device contrivance or process of innovation originates after study and experiments. According to versions of renowned philosopher Trade (1903), the process of innovation requires the consideration; Gain proper knowledge of the subject, Develop positive attitude to implement the new ides, Analyze the decision to adopt or reject the new products, Implementation and use, Confirmation of the decision. The Department of Science and Technology (DST) has established “The National Innovation Foundation (NIF), India; at Ahmadabad since 2000. NIF has taken major initiation to serve the knowledge rich but economically poor people of the country.

It is committed to making India innovative by documenting, adding values, protecting the Intellectual Property Reflects (IPR) of the contemporary, unaided technological innovator as well as outstanding traditional knowledge-holders. It helps to disseminate their innovations on commercial and non-commercial basis;

NIF has now established links with KIIT University, Bhubaneswar w. e f. 26.6.2016, when Dr. Harshverdhan, honorable minister of Science and Technology, Govt. of India visited NIF, Ahmadabad. The person ready for attempt of innovation must possess large scale vision but take regular small steps to get there. One has to be humble but well determined to execute the imaginary and gigantic in terms of aspiration.

Examples of Innovations

A few instances are being mentioned to motivate the masses: ? Designing various kinds of scooters, motorcycles, cars, busses, loading vehicles etc. with better outlook, low fuel consumption, better security devices and low pollution effects. ? Telephone was first discovered by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, but later on improved to Cell phone and Smart phone. ? Electronic Television was invented by KalmanTihanyl (1926), later on innovated to LCD and even LED (P.Mitchell, 1978). ? The Wright brothers invented Aircrafts and started amazing process of innovations; whereas, we now have many kinds of aero planes which can even carry more than 500 passengers.

Steam Railway engine has been changed to Diesel and Electric engine. ? Thousands of innovations can be realized from Guinness Book Record, Limca Book Record, Asia Book Record and many more such publications. Books, paintings, music instruments, camera and other scientific instruments are being transformed to better devices.

Productions of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, various products of crude oil etc. are being modified with time to secure better results. Food supplements of confectionaries and packed food products are also being improved for safe nutritious values. There is notable instance of sugar free sweets available in the market.

Achievements of winning distinctions and Medals in sports and education at National and International level can be possible through motivation, proper guidance, self confidence, courage, spiritual will power, aspirations for competition and thoughts of innovation. Production of new varieties of crops, vegetables and fruits for the farmers so as to produce better qualities and productivity.

The NIF has recently released certain new products as Groundnut Digger, Stencil cutting device, HMT paddy variety, Portable energy, Efficient wood stove, Ointments to cure cracks, Herbal toys Presently, the innovations are so strong and multifarious that the transformation to modern human generation is considered as much superior to the previous generations.

But these should be accepted in full regards with righteous spirit. The youth should neither feel envious nor jealous to their elders because the coming generations will also be involved in more research of innovation.

Benefits of Innovations

  1. Innovations are more effective changes or transformations which bring progress and prosperity of the society.
  2. These results of collective novel ideas positively affect the industrial economics and market to meet the growing demands for consumers.
  3. Innovations are linked with positive changes in efficiency, productivity, quality, competitions etc. This concept introduces in reality something better than before.
  4. We must discard our traditional thinking to achieve creativity and progress in future, otherwise, we shall be repeating the same pattern for ever.
  5. We should develop creative imagination, raise new questions, locate new possibilities and regard old problems from new angles.
  6. The person achieving innovation will be remembered at global level on the scientific map of the world for unique contribution to the society.
  7. Continued innovations on a project leads to new discoveries and inventions.

Divine Bliss of Innovation

Almighty God is the sole creator of the whole universe. He is center of entire cosmos and thus the ultimate Divine Entity to fulfill all the desires and other actions.

God can also help us to perform miracles. Although a person lives once but his virtuous living can become praiseworthy. He should concentrate on personal contributions but try to accomplish substantial tasks for society through selfless, voluntary and devotional services. The optimistic attitude, positive objectives and innovative steps help to seek Divine bliss and attain eternity.

He should work for a cause and not for applause; live life to express and then to impress. There is greatness in the faith of God, honor in humility and dedicated service to humanity.

Co-ordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions, Dera Sacha Sauda, SIRSA (Haryana, India)


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