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Grades Don’t Define Your Success

Introduction: Grades have always been in everyone’s childhood. Scoring better and better in every test used to be a fun challenge for some kids but not all. Kids who were always distracted from studies but attracted to some other creative fields used to care so much about grades in 8th class, which no one even cared about.

When you’re out in the real world, there are no standardized test or essays to write. You have to deal with humans which surely books don’t teach until and unless you’re not especially learning about it. Tests and assignments are meant to test the capability of how much you can take in and apply to test your success in real life. If you fail a class or a test, that doesn’t mean you are not good as a student or a person. Some people are indeed good at school and some people are good at life.

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Grades at School No Parameter of Success in life:

You’re more than a grade and good at so many different things. You’re worth more than a grade, it doesn’t matter if you fail or pass a small school test because it has no worth in the journey of your success. We have hundreds and thousands of examples who have done a pretty good job in their lives without good grades in school. Society has played with superiority and inferiority complex so well that we all judge a person by their income or status. “Better the pay, better the value in society” same goes for children as well “Better the grades, better the treatment from the people around.

Parents who don’t want their children to end like them, put pressure on their children to do what satisfies society. So many kids who are interested in some creative field end up opting for science as their career option just to please their parents and society. And after years of attempting and failing at it give them a distrust in themselves for failing at life and eventually it converts into depression and overthinking at a very early age and all they can think about is how to end the suffering which mostly results in suicides.

Interest of the Students Versus Pressure of the Parents:

Parents should understand the pain and pressure that a teenage kid goes through in this generation of so much competition in every single field. Some parents get it and some don’t and by the time they understand it is too late. Not only it affects the children but the parents who invest every single penny of their income also fear that society will treat their children as it treated them throughout their life with disrespect and inequality because society never understands the bigger dreams of such innocent lives.

And the cycle goes on and on. Education has more to do with the person’s growth and many times we fail to recognize it. Many of us send our children to get the best education possible and not to gain insights into life and have perspectives of the world they live in. Instead of becoming the best supporters and guidance in their children’s lives, parents become decision-makers pretending that they have the answer to every problem which in reality is not true. It doesn’t help the child to grow and become confident about themselves but it slowly becomes a trauma for the child for the rest of his/her life.

Self Decision Making:

Since parents have been deciding what’s best for their children throughout their life, it troubles them to make even the smallest decisions from choosing a career of their choice to choosing a life partner because they get so dependent on their parents for even teeny-tiny things. This indicates how education has not shaped them as independent individuals. Most of the time, the victims are good graders who can’t disappoint their parents. And the saddest part is that they don’t even know what they want in their lives, how they want life to be which can be cheerful not depressed and stressful.

But on the other hand, some self-reliant children have already disappointed their parents by making their own decisions and choices, and in response, they have been subjected to unfair treatment. This is not the sad part; they get hate because they are different and people tend to dislike it. As they grow up, they soon figure out what they want in their life and start with the small steps to achieve the goal. We have heard of so many great names as examples of working hard for their choice of career and succeeding in it.


While the good graders have all the love and support from their well-wishers, self-reliant average graders use humiliation as their fuel to achieve their vision. They face a lot of challenges and difficulties in their journey but it only makes their will of fighting for what they want in the longer run. But the confidence and a positive attitude they built over the years help them overcome the bad phases of life and find purpose and meaning in their actions. Grades are not irrelevant to a student’s secure future and give a passport to high-paying jobs and stability in life. But the self-reliant attitude can only give the courage to dream big and pursue their passion.


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