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Love Yourself, Beautify your Soul not Your Body

“Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul.”

In all modesty, everyone wants to be admired or noticed. It begs the question, “Is this worth it?” because they feel the need to fit in with their family, friends, and society. For a brief period of time, you can try to make other people happy while you’re unhappy, but once that threshold is crossed, you no longer have faith in yourself or a sense of who you are.

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 Being caught up in your own special journey and trying to please everyone are to blame here. Every person is unique. To put on their pants and experience what they are going through, all we require from each other is a small amount of love and compassion. We shouldn’t condemn people based on how they look or how bad their lives are. Only if we were more kind and generous, as what we give away eventually finds its way back to us.

Someone feels as if “my life is over” when he/she fails at something he/she has devoted his/her entire lives on. When someone is physically abused, he may think, “I deserve it.” This could be my fate. I was expected to be treated in this manner. I must put up with it. What is prevalent here? Societal pressures and lack of confidence.

Did you go through domestic abuse, which is terrible, but was it so bad that it became your fate and you didn’t stand up for yourself? Is it truly dreadful to cause your family to suffer because someone they love wants to leave them forever? You are heartbroken because someone you loved left you, which is terrible. Despite the agonizing anguish of failing an exam by one point, is it severe enough to take your own life when you could simply start over?

Let the past go; it’s over. Forgive, and then move forward. By placing your faith in God and sensing His unwavering love for you, you can allow His healing power to work on your heart and spirit. Your Heavenly Father, who is kind and only wants the best for you, values you as one of His daughters. Trust in Him, for He continually watches over and guides you.

When we attempt to change who we are or stop being who we are, our true identity begins to erode. The ultimate goal shouldn’t be to try to fit in with society. Society is a pressurizing valve that can be stopped if desired, but it is not the cause of suicide; rather, it is a symptom caused by a lack of self-love and a failure to recognize one’s own value. I formerly sought to win the approval of everyone around me, and it took me a while to discover that I needed to “sit and breathe.” Life is too short to try to please everyone, but if you couldn’t even please yourself, did you even live?

If you remain upbeat and supportive of yourself, you will eventually discover that all of the challenges we encounter, the sorrow we feel, and the joy we experience have shaped us into the people we intended to be. Never forget that self-love is never selfish.

Who should be considered lovely is a challenging and divisive topic. The audience simply describes a thin, attractive candidate as lovely because she is appealing, regardless of how she flaunts her physique or showcases her mental prowess. Does she merit the description “beautiful”? Without a doubt, we can state that physical beauty is incomplete without mental and emotional beauty. Through one’s modest behavior, modest actions, and noble ideas, the inner beauty is expressed. A man who has noble morals, virtuous qualities, and lofty beliefs deserves to be referred to as attractive both inside and outside.

We can confidently assert that a simple woman going about her daily business with devotion has every right to be referred to as beautiful, while all other women who receive praise from everyone else, either for their physical attractiveness or for their ability to speak well, pale in comparison to this sincere, honest, and hardworking woman. She is the one who has been granted a lovely soul and a good attitude.

A person with a lovely heart constantly finds happiness and is carefree because he is able to deal with life’s challenges. He not only overcomes life’s challenges, but he also encourages others to be optimistic. It is true that we all occasionally encounter individuals who are vibrant, effervescent, and helpful by nature. Their simple existence in our vicinity causes us to feel good and content. People are drawn to them because of their mental and emotional beauty.

Conversely, pessimistic people always appear agitated and depressed. They cannot be joyful, thus they are perpetually depressed. It therefore follows that a cheerful and carefree person is gifted with a lovely heart, and a guy with such a heart is always willing to assist others. He is the only one with true physical, emotional, and spiritual beauty.

Accept your body’s flaws and search for its better qualities. As you go toward achieving your goals, encourage yourself by loving your body. Set objectives to eat better and work out frequently. Treat your body with respect; it’s indeed your sanctuary. Your love will grow as a result, and you’ll also become more passionate about life, be able to think more clearly, and be happier and healthier.

Inform someone when you notice something lovely about them. Although it just lasts a few seconds for you, it might last a lifetime for someone. Only if we work together as a team and treat one another with respect rather than contempt empowerment can take place. How can anyone fail when we have one another`s backs? There will always be someone to catch you and tell you, “My friend, it’s not over.” Life is only beginning. Only if you give life a chance will it reveal to you how lovely the world is despite all of its flaws. There is so much more remaining to learn, transmit, and grow. Kindness always pays off, so be kind to yourself and to others.

Embrace who you are. Life will return your affection!


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