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Have You Ever Thought This?

How to Love Yourself? Thinking about others and giving them time is a positive approach. But sometimes it gives immense pleasure and peace when you feel about yourself.

If you give care and attention to yourself, others will also be compelled to do so. Do not allow others to take you for granted. If you exist, world exists. Try to hug yourself, praise yourself, live with yourself. You are the most important creature in the world.

In the society we make relations with so many people. But as we knit relations outside, we should closely build relation with our own-self.

We should have constant eye and be vigilant enough to notice what type of relations we have with our own-self. Are we nurturing them properly or not . In today’s fast life we have become so busy that we do not have a single second for ourselves. From early morning to late night what we are doing is for others only.

How to live the life, possibility and hope; all the three factors are being lost from our inner self. If you want to remain happy in this busy life also, try to spare sometime for yourself. It is very necessary. Try to include your own name also in the list of the persons you are caring. Follow some good hobbies.

Do something which you were planning to do, but could not implement due to lack of time. You can join a club as per your age . But see to it that productive discussions should be there. You should not indulge yourself in wasteful gossips. Try to maintain a daily diary. At the end of the week you can see the pages.

Then you will be able to judge what productive time you have stored for yourself. A study done by York University, Toranto reveals that writing a love letter to yourself make you happy for next six months. Try to get up from the ordinary level things.

Try to ignore something which is hurting you. After all after passage of some time, we really forget everything.

Spend Time With Friends

Go and meet those friends, whom you have not met for last so many years. There is no doubt about it that by spending time in social life, you can remain healthy.

Prepare a list of your friends. Remember how much time has passed that you met them. And remember while going to meet your friend do not forget to take a small gift or a bunch of flowers would bring a smile on the faces of both of you. While discussing with the friends, go in the past. It will make you feel younger.

If your friend has some problem, try to solve it or assure that you would certainly do something for eradication of this problem. Do some work that gives you satisfaction. By doing this, there will be energy flow in you. Manage the time in such a way that you can spare some for yourself too. Some people make their hobbies their business. Then they do not find scarcity of time. But these are counted people only.

Most of the people have different hobbies and business or jobs. The work load pressure in and on mind and the hobbies have their burden on heart.

If you spare time, you go to the nearby huts, and can donate some medicines(general) which are spare for you. Old but good clothes can be donated. Spare toys in your house can be given to the children of the poor people. This will bring happiness on their faces and a you will get a feeling of satisfaction.

Morning means one more inning. Get up with this idea. Today you have got one more opportunity. Close the doors of the past and also of the future. Remain in present. After all it is the present gifted by God to us. Value it.

No Risk in Getting Credit

Accept the fact that if you are successful, it is because of the fact that you have helped yourself. Because you have worked on it. You are talented and you have performed at right time.

If someone praises you, do accept it with thanks. This praise is an asset for you which can really enjoy a feast. Praise is a tonic which can energize any person. Then why you are deprived of it.

Praising Your Ownself Matters

Do not depend on mere wordily praises. Best is to rise in your own eyes It matters what opinion you have for your ownself. Do not rate yourself on the basis of others’ opinion. Try to build a dialogue or converse with yourself continuously and try to make your identity, in your own eyes. You will feel inner energy in yourself at once.

Keep in this Mind

  • Focus on those points which are of importance to you. Also feed the things related to you and ensure that these are fulfilled on priority.
  • If you build the habit of getting up early, you will feel relaxed throughout the day. During this period you can do exercise, read newspaper, think about yourself. The early risers are saved of many ailments.
  • If you are not rewarded properly after hard work, really it hurts. But see to it that you do not make it a reason and your productivity is affected.

For the Housewives

  • Friends take you out of the problems. You can rely blindly on true friends.
  • Share the matters. Do not take them on heart and thus increase your other related problems.
  • If you are being confused or finding it difficult to chalk out your own program due to others, tell them without any hesitation.
  • Seeing movies, hearing songs, morning walk and regular exercise is very necessary to be with your ownself.
  • Always try to maintain your self-respect. But see to it that there is difference between ego and self respect.
  • Always involve yourself in the productive things.

Try to use every second of your time. But remember fix some time for you.

-Pinki Mehta

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