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Mango is called King of Fruits and this mouth watering litchi is considered Queen of Fruits. Litchi is such a fruit, which gets water in the mouth when you even hear of it. Before looking into the benefits of litchi fruit, let us go through lychee production in India and abroad, their nutritional benefits.

By peeling the red coarser of Litchi on top, it is sweet to eat. Litchi is rich in food values and has sufficient health properties. Moreover, it is an important source of vitamin C and potassium.

Origin of Litchi Fruit

Litchi has been in cultivation in China for thousands of years. Later it spread to other countries and it brought to India in 17th century.

The amount of water inside it is also quite large. By eating it in the summer season, it also gives coolness in keeping the ratio of water in the body balanced. We get about 65 calories from the ten Litchi. Due to not getting too long, it should be eaten once after ripening.

Its taste resembles a little rose and grapefruit, but it is definitely unique. Today it is also easily available in packed pouches. Litchi is not only eaten as a fruit. But Litchi Juice and Shake is also very much liked by everyone.

Litchi is also used for garnishing jam, jelly, marmalade, salad and recipes. Eating Litchi every day brings Fairness to the Face and symptoms of increasing age are less visible. Apart from this, it also works to encourage physical development.

However, always keep in mind eating Litchi in excess can be very harmful for our health. Eating too much Litchi can cause itching, swelling and difficulty in breathing. Some scientists have even given the status of ‘super fruit’ to Litchi.

Studies have proven that Litchi rich in elements like Vitamin C, Flavonoid, Curcetin, have properties to fight cancer, especially breast cancer. Regular consumption of Litchi prevents the cancer cells from increasing in our body. Litchi is also a good antioxidant.

Vitamin C contained in it also helps in the formation of blood cells in our body and the absorption of iron, which is essential for maintaining an immune system. The vitamin B, such as beta carotene, riboflavin, niacin and foliate is found in a considerable amount in litchi. It also releases amino acid which is god for health.

Litchi Fruit Production in India & Abroad

The production of high quantity of litchi is only in South China, but Muzaffarpur (Bihar) in India is famous for Litchies all over the world. Here, Litchi provides to almost all parts of the country and the world. Litchi is cultivated in Bihar along with Muzaffarpur, Dehradun, Tarai region of Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Himachal and Bengal.

But due to lack of specific climate, its fruits are so small. On the basis of quality, Litchi’s place of Muzaffarpur is the most prominent.

Nutritious Elements in Litchi Fruit

Litchi also contains some amount of important minerals like 41% water, 6 to 8% sugar, 0.64% acidity, 0.2% citric acid, 0.4% fiber and iron element, fat, calcium, phosphorus. Hundred grams of litchi contain a volume of 40 to 50 mg vitamin C. By consuming 100 grams of litchi, 65 percent of calories in human form are obtained as physical energy.

Various Health Benefits of Litchi Fruit

Protects Against Blood Pressure

Potassium and copper present in the litchi protect against heart diseases. It controls the irregularities of heartbeat or instability and BP, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack. Helps in the development of the children: Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium etc. found in litchi are important in the physical formation of Children. These mineral help in preventing osteoporosis in the bone disorder.

Litchi Fruit Protects Against Cancer

Studies have proven that the richness of Vitamin C has properties to fight cancer (especially breast cancer). Regular consumption of Litchi, cancer cells does not increase in our body. Litchi is also a good antioxidant. Vitamin C present in this also helps in the formation of blood cells in our body and the absorption of iron.

Helps Digestive System

Vitamin B such as beta carotene, riboflavin, niacin and foliate is found in very large quantities in Litchi. This vitamin is essential for the formation and digestion of red blood cells. Foliate controls the cholesterol levels in our body.

Helps to Lose Weight

In this fruit, fiber is found only in abundance, which is a good way to reduce obesity. Fiber is helpful in digesting our food. It enhances the body’s immune system to fight with viruses and infectious diseases.

Litchi is the Best Source of Energy

Litchi is the main source of energy. It is very beneficial for those people who feel very tired and weakness. The niacin contained in it creates the necessary steroid hormones and hemoglobin for energy in our bodies, so by eating Litchi you start feeling energetic.

Maintains Water Level

Litchi juice is a nutritious liquid. It removes heat-related problems and cools down the body. Litchi supplies water to a balanced proportion in our body and removes the problem of dehydration.

Protection Against Infection

Litchi prevents coughing, spread of fever and throat infections. For severe dry cough, litchi is a panacea. Due to the presence of chemicals called algalol, the litchi protects against influenza virus.

Get Fairer Skin

Sunlight ultraviolet UV in litchi is extremely helpful. The rays have the specialty of protecting our skin and body. Regular consumption of litchi nourishes the oily skin and reduces spots on the face.

Seed and Peel are Also Very Beneficial

The Litchi seed is used for medicinal purposes. To remove digestive disorders, drink tea of Litchi seeds powder is Beneficial for Our Health. Drinking such tea also provides relief in pain in the nervous system. To kill the stomach worms, it is eaten with honey mixed with this powder. To reduce swelling in any organ, it is a way to relief if we apply the paste of litchi seed powder.


The consumption of Litchi should be limited only; otherwise it can also prove harmful. Do not eat more than 10-11 Litchi. More than this, the consumption of litchi can cause problems like hemorrhage and headache. It can cause itching in the body, swelling of the tongue and lips, and difficulty in breathing. Children should give 2-4 Litchi only. We should not eat Litchi with Empty Stomach.

– Vikram Tyagi

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