Smart Ways to Keep Yourself Safe

Smart Ways to Keep Yourself Safe

 We all are going through some tough times at the moment because of the  pandemic Covid-19, all of us should understand the actual seriousness of basic hygiene and social distancing. All the crisis and difficulties the world is going through right now is for the first time and half of the population of every country doesn’t even know the basic hygiene tips to keep themselves as well as their families safe.

The awareness of keeping ourselves safe and sound should be a serious and important matter of society. Most of the people around us believe more in the information which are uncertain rather than studying the real facts. Some of them are even valid but most of them are myths. If we would start spreading the real information and awareness, it will solve the biggest problems and the misconceptions that people don’t get to know. Let’s know more smart tips and tricks to keep us and our loved ones safe:

5 Basic Hygiene Principles of Cleanliness:Smart Ways to Keep Yourself Safe

  1. Sanitation – It is one of the most important aspects of community well-being because it protects human health the most. As we all know, coming intophysical contact is the most dangerous yet the easiest way to transfer the bacteria. Proper sanitation includes sanitizing your hands in every bit of time and especially when you are not at home. Keeping your hands clean can prevent the transfer of diseases.
  2. Mask and Gloves- Wearing a mask is one of the easiest methods to protect yourself and the other person from catching the virus/bacteria. All the measures like washing hands, using sanitizers, etc. are quite clear, but we see people confused or unsure about the usage of the mask and gloves. The general public do not necessarily need to wear surgical masks, a normal clean cotton also works good enough. Now, the usage of gloves can also be very useful, like it reduces the direct contact with any external elements, plus it also reduces the chances of you touching your face 99%. Using masks and gloves decreases the chances of getting infected.
  3. Social Distancing- By practising physical distancing, avoiding unnecessary travel and staying away from the large gathering can be a huge precaution we can take against Covid-19. But, staying home cannot be a solution to avoid the infection, someday all of us have to get out of our homes to get back to our daily working life. Then what? Keeping one meter distance from others while we are out and using all the safety methods as discussed above can save us from getting in contact with any disease.
  4. Food and Nutrition- Eating well helps fight infections. Food and nutrition also plays an important role in staying healthy. In this tough time eating food regularly will not help us fight the current health situations, we also need some additional nutrition to maintain our health such ascoconut water helps us staying well-hydrated and staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do when sick. Hot tea’s warm liquid alleviates your sore throat and helps with congestion, it also increases antibacterial properties to fight the cold in our throat. Honey also helps as an old sore throat remedy, if we add honey in the hot tea with lemon the body will receive a boost of vitamin C and weakens your cold. Plus, it’s a smart way to sip a hot beverage when you are suffering from severe cold. Drinking homemade fruit juices can also be a plus point for us to get over the sickness.
  5. Exercise/Yoga- Exercise is a medicine as well as a veritable cure for almost everything. It helps you live longer, helps in weight loss and to gain a stronger heart. Exercising causes change in antibodies and white blood cells (WBC). As we all know WBC is the body’s immune system cells that fight disease and also circulates faster, so they could detect illnesses earlier. As for yoga, it has many benefits including boosting immunity and balancing your body’s chakras in a very gentle manner. Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility. Yoga can be beneficial even for the people who are in their late 40’s. Yoga even helps you beat the cold because it balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. More so, regular practice of yoga vastly improves your immunity against possible infection and keeps us healthy.


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