10 Ways To Take Care Of Your Eyes - Sachi Shiksha

Weak eyesight has now become a common phenomena. Our eyes is a vitally important and sensitive organ and therefore we must always be cautious to maintain their health, protect them and take their care. Negligence towards this may result in serious complications.

Nowadays even young children suffer from weak eyesight and are forced to use spectacles. Therefore we must be cautious about our eyes since childhood.

Habit of taking care of eyes must be inculcated in childhood itself. Adopting following measures helps us take care of our eyes and maintain them healthy.

Vitamin A Will Help Us

Vitamin A plays a vital role in maintaining eyes healthy. Deficiency of Vitamin A results in night blindness (nyctalopia).

Therefore one must consume ample of Vitamin A. Milk, butter, papaya, mango, soya bean, pulses, carrot, tomatoes, green vegetables and fruits are Vitamin A rich. One must consume them regularly to ensure that his eyesight does not weaken.

Artificial Cosmetics

Minimize administering artificial cosmetics in eyes or applying them on eyelids. Chemicals in such cosmetics affect eyes. Even while applying home-made Kajal in the eyes of young children, ensure that you clean your hands and disinfect them before applying the Kajal. Applying Kajal with soiled hands may infect eyes.

Have Adequate Sleep

Ensure that you get adequate sleep. Lack of sleep affects eyesight. One needs to sleep for eight hours a day.

Do Not Read in Dim Light

While reading at night, ensure that you have adequate light. It is more advisable not to read in dim light of night lamp or oil lamp. Ensure that the source of light is not behind you while reading. Having source of light on your left side is even more beneficial.

Near read while laying down

That strains your eyes enormously. Using chair and table to read is appropriate. The habit of bending forward while reading is bad too for health of eyes. Ensure that there is appropriate distance between eyes and book while reading.

Use Spectacles If You Have It Already

If you have weak eyesight and have been advised to use spectacles; ensure that you wear spectacles while reading, driving and while watching television.

Eye Checkup

Ensure that you get your eyes checked once a year. If you are a patient of diabetes or hypertension, you must get your eyes checked after every two months.

Give Relief In between

If you are working on computer, provide relief to your eyes after every half an hour. To provide relief to your eyes, close your eyes for a short while. Working on computer for a long time strains your eyes.

The habit of tilting either the book or your neck while reading is also harmful for eyes. Reading in moving vehicle or bus too affects eyes. These habits increase strain on your eyes.

Maintain Distance From Television

Television plays a major role in weakening eyesight. Ensure that you are at an appropriate distance from television set. Dust, smoke and glaring light too is harmful for eyes and therefore eyes must be protected from them.

Exercise Regularly

Do exercises of the eyes regularly so that your eyes remain fresh and active. Paint a point on the wall and focus your eyes on it.

Move eyes upwards, downwards, towards right, towards left and in circular motion without moving neck.

Widen your eyes and move eyeballs towards right, left and in circular motions.

To ensure cleanliness of the eyes, wash them with cold water after waking up every morning. If you feel strain in the eyes, administer rose water in it. Besides, you may apply pack of potato or cucumber slices or cold tea bags on eyes. This provides relief to eyes.

To protect eyes from ultra violate rays in the sunlight, use good quality sunglasses.


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