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Be a Smart Buyer In Indian culture,

families buy new jewellery, ornaments and garments for weddings, festivals and other auspicious occasions and this shopping is mostly done by women.

When it comes to purchase of new jewellery and garments, women are at the forefront and the purchase too is made according to their choice and taste.

It has been noticed that when women go shopping for weddings, they make it a point to speak about their likings and choice of the dress and jewellery for the bride but little attention is paid towards the look and taste of the bride or the contemporary fashion prevailing.

As a result, the bride either does not wear those garments and pieces of jewellery after the wedding or even if uses them, does so half heartedly.

Many a brides refuse to use garments and jewellery gifted by in-laws or gets such ornaments redesigned. At times, this results in misunderstandings within the families.

Not only the progressive families but also the families believing in old customs, traditions and thoughts too find it appropriate to give preference to taste, liking and choice of women while shopping. In any family daughters, mother or sisters-in-law make it a point to go by their own taste, liking and choice while buying jewellery, garments, cosmetics etc.

At times thousands of rupees are wasted in purchase of sarees, garments and jewellery of old design which are no more in vogue.
In today’s era when fashions are changing rapidly, women often get deceived and cheated. Some women select the things they want to buy on basis of their price.

Such women pay little attention towards whether the items they are buying are of latest design or whether they have the essential quality. All that they consider is price of the item they are buying.

Women must be street smart while shopping.

When one buys garments, jewellery or cosmetics, they must take into the consideration the physique, complexion and taste of the person for whom they are making the purchases.
If the shopping is being done for the use of bride during the wedding ceremony, she must be asked beforehand about her taste, liking and choice.

One should not spend too much on purchase of garments like sarees, lehengas or salwar suits. In the modern days, fashions and designs change every now and then. If you buy expensive garments, they will be rendered useless when the fashion changes.

Also it should be made a point to buy sarees as far as possible. Sarees purchased for weddings can be used later on occassions like festivals or other functions.

Also one should make it a point to buy garments and jewellery in accordance with the fashion prevailing.

One should buy garments and ornaments which are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Using heavy clothes decked with metalic yarn embroidery (Zari work) or oversized, big ornaments which are heavy in weight may cause strain and one would not feel comfortable in it. Sarika Pathak

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