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Importance of Old People in a Family

Introduction: Growing and ageing are laws of nature that everyone goes through. As we mature, we are exposed to a variety of both negative and favorable experiences that shape our perspective on life.

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Disregard Towards Old People in the 21st Century:

In India, the older adults have customarily been highly regarded by the younger generation by touching their feet. Older people have always been family asset. However, in the 21st century, not just has the number of seniors increased, but instances of the elderly being mistreated, tormented, and neglected in India have also continued to increase. Many  children are abandoning their parents or trying to send them to care homes. As per the report of 2021, at present in India 138 million old age people are in India.

Experiences of the Old Benefit the Whole Family:

There are numerous explanations why elders can play the most important and bind the family together. For starters, they portray the very first generation and earn the respect. They must, however, exercise this jurisdiction with caution. Second, that several of them have considerable experience of management and control and settling disputes throughout their lives, as well as at work or in previous family circumstances. These perspectives can be used to help settle differences amicably.

Third, because they serve as natural role models for the upcoming generation in a family context, they can successfully change the behaviour of others in the family to resolve issues. Eventually, they bring with them vast experience and knowledge of the past, allowing them to subjectively detect the advent of hidden conflict in the family and soak up the flame before it grows visible. Elders have the knowledge and expertise to bring the family together again and play an important role in  this path.

Old People are Like Massive Tree System:

Furthermore, elders are like the massive tree root systems. They keep the family together and contribute to making them significant at all occasions. They are an excellent mentor. They can evaluate a situation and provide helpful feedback to their children based on all of their life experience over the decades at least.

Old People Can Resolve Family Conflicts:

Older people also play an essential role in resolving family conflicts. Elderly people have a significant influence on the lives of their kids and grand kids. They spend quality time with them, play with them, and use stories to demonstrate them valuable life guidelines and standards. The stories that they share have a beneficial impact on the minds of the children. They also create secure and nurturing surroundings for children to grow up in, which no other child care centre can.

As a Valuable Asset of a Family:

They are, in broad sense, a component of full endorsement for all of us. They are the most valuable asset of the household, community, and country. They have a vast reservoir of expertise, insight, and knowledge that serves as a point of reference for the next generation. People now a days, however, regard the elderly as a liability.

They presume that elders have lost their confidence to try new things, which is untrue. The human mind, according to studies, never fades away. The reduction in response time and neural activity results in an increase in making decisions and knowledge and insight. As a result, older People are less inclined to react unquestioningly to adverse feelings stimulation and have stronger emotional oversight.

Old People Have a Unique Point of View:

Furthermore, they can concentrate on what is crucial in their lives. They realize how quickly time passes and the importance of crucial aspects of life would become evident. They can bring a unique point of view to any challenge because only time can teach us about this. However apart from that, many immutable truths endure irrespective of time. We may have entered a realm that was nothing more than a fantasy, but this was only conceivable because of our elders’ principles.

Different  Reasons for the Rejection of the Old:

The underlying reality for families with generations is complicated. Some have reported cases of inappropriate behavior / violence / rejection of the older adults by the younger crowd, who wish to get rid of them for a range of reasons, including financial, lack of available living space, or culture differences.


After all course, there are several cases of elderly individuals being maltreated while living with their children or being neglected. However, old aged individuals are commonly treated with respect and continue to play important roles in everyday life. A happy and mutually trusting environment should be established in a family setting so that everyone can live a happy life with a sense of interdependence. This can only maintain the enthusiasm of an old age people in family with residents from multiple generations all knotted together by shared values. And older members of the family may be the only thing that holds the family together.


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