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Old age is considered to be the last half of the life. Generally this phase is called to be the most problematic period. It is true to some extent because in this age the body organs start becoming weak.

The energy starts deteriorating. If according to age proper diet is not taken, it takes no time for the diseases to catch you. So it is very necessary that in old age proper care should be given to food and behavior.

In the family, children and youngsters digest everything they eat, but after the age of 60, digestive system has not got the power to digest each and every food stuff. The teeth are either become weak or broken. They have to take help of the denture. At that time old people need the food which is nutritive and easy to digest and easily chewable.

On the other hand it is also seen that in the old age , people wish to eat the things they have eaten in the childhood or at young age which is not possible to digest. On the contrary, there are some old people who are careless about life, no taste about the food and eat whatever they get.

This must be their compulsion also but we have to take care of all these things. In the old age the food should be simple and easy to digest and above all it should be nutritive. Due to less physical labour, the old people need less calories.

Due to increased cholesterol, less fat food is needed, and heavy & oily food is not digested due to weak digestion. In the old age protein, vitamins and minerals are also needed which they should get according to the need.

The vegetables which should be given in old age are SPINACH, BATHUA, METHI, KATHAL, GOURD, TURAI, PUMPKIN, SWEET POTATO AND CARRORTS are also useful for the old people. In dry fruits, almonds, kishmish, big dry grapes, dates and figs can be given. In the fruits, papaya, mango, banana, sapota, grapes and oranges can be given. In addition to this the dairy products like milk, buttermilk, curd and cheese should also be given to the old people.

Take care that all these dairy products should be prepared from double toned milk. In the old age usage of sugar should be minimized. In old age constipation is a general complaint so it is advisable to take water in abundance. Increase the quantity of salads in the food. If you have some problem in chewing the big pieces, it should be given mashed.

For elder people, chapatti of mixed cereals, ‘missi roti’, ‘dalia’ and ‘khichdi’ are beneficial. They need soft food because chewing hard food is difficult for them. So they should be given fresh and soft chapattis with liquid vegetable or pulses. ‘Halwa’ of sweet potato, potato, sua and carrot can also be given.

In old age stale food, more oily and spicy vegetables should not be used. These can be very harmful for them. If they are given healthy and digestive food, old age can also be healthy. – Anand Kumar Anant

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