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Being fair and feminine is not just beauty, but body has many organisms to symbolize beauty. When body parts are beautiful and healthy, then only the beauty of the whole body glows. The skin is too white but the eyes are fussy, the teeth are chaotic,

the yellow, the cheeks shrink, the hair in the head is not thick, and there is no bust in the thoracic place, then will that person be called beautiful? If the body is thicker or extremely lean, will it look beautiful? All limbs should be beautiful but if someone is very patient, then what beauty will he fall on? These questions will be answered in a big ‘NO’.

On the other hand, beauty of black or duvet with beautiful face, black-colored eyes, curvy breasts, pointed nose, black dense hairstyle, and the beauty of such a well-ordered body is really captivating. In ancient times, various types of ‘ubtans’ (cosmetic rouge) were used for massaging wherein the rubbish forms of materials such as ‘haryaki’, sandal, ‘laddra’, ‘moanta’, amla, saffron, lotus, turmeric were used.

Siddha oil made from from ‘Triphala’, Amla, ‘Bhirangraj’, ‘Iron Bhism’ etc was used frequently for the beauty of the face. To remove the deodorant of the body, ‘Chandan’, ‘Priyangu’, ‘Gulab’, ‘Palaas’ flower, ‘Masoor’ etc. were used by nature and that too free from losses. Today, many types of artificial cosmetics are used to enhance the beauty of appearance, skin, hair etc., which are dangerous to the natural beauty of the body and skin.

More use of them leads to many side effects such as skin infection, stiffness in the head, hair loss, hair follicles, loss of eye glow, broken teeth etc. Using the herbs found in the form of blessings provided by nature, not only beautifies external beauty, but also protects the body from many microbes entering inside the body.

Some of the natural remedies are being presented here:

Amla powder, Bhrigraj powder, black sesame, asparagus powder, Ashwagandha powder, mixing all the things in the same part and taking them for a year at a rate of 3-4 grams, white hair starts getting black.

Grind gram and add little curd to it and apply it on the body. For twenty to twenty-five minutes make it wet and rub it. Wash with lukewarm water afterwards. Applying this sublimation regularly on every third or fourth day, the skin becomes soft and white in a few days.

After adding one fourth spoon of tomato juice and milk in half teaspoon lemon juice, the face looks beautiful and shiny by applying it on the face.

Dissolve the powder of dried peels of orange and mix it with milk & apply on the face, this remedy gets rid of acne, dark spots and dark circles etc.

Take the roasted oil of the coconut and dip it for some time and then wipe the hand thoroughly and massaging olive oil on it increases the beauty of the nails and they do not break easily.

Soak ‘gram dal’ in water and grind it into milk. After that, add one spoon of turmeric and lemon juice and apply it on the face and wash the face with cold water when it dries. This will enhance the bright color in the evening.

Take a few rose leaves and grind them with two or three pieces of almond and grind them a bit like rubbish on the face and clean it after some time with lukewarm water. From this, small moles emerging on the face get removed.

By Poonam Dinkar

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