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Most of us are ready to go to any extent to look beautiful without even considering the pros and cons of the offered products, methods & procedures we come across in our endeavour for it.

Be it home remedies or external beauty products, as soon as someone recommends something to us we are eager to try that out. If the outcome does not live up to our expectations, we regret later.

It is really important to have complete information about the beauty product we are planning to buy and use to enhance our beauty.

It is always better to take expert advice from a beauty professional if you do not have much idea about your skin-type.

Using a beauty product without having adequate knowledge of it can damage your skin. Here we list a few such important tips to note while going for a new beauty product.

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While Choosing your Hair Colour

We often try to copy a model or actress wearing a hair colour and plan to get our hair coloured in the same shade. But it might not go well with your hair as it does for them. You must consult a good hair expert and discuss the colour that suits your hair the best.

What type of bleaching cream to use?

Most of the bleaches are used to outshine the facial hairs. The bleach cream should be carefully chosen in accordance with our skin tone, facial complexion, and the colour of the facial hair.

If you apply just any bleach cream on your face, it might harm you. Your face might get rashes, itching, and even skin burns.
Always seek suggestion from your beautician before saying yes to bleach. The bleaching effect depends on the amount of bleaching cream being used.

Initially use bleaching cream only under beautician’s supervision. Once you are familiar with it, you can use it on your own.

For the Removal of Tan

We use any sort of spray or lotion to remove the tan very often and fail in getting the desired results because we are not aware which lotion suits our skin type the best. It’s not advisable to buy and try out lotions or sprays on your skin. The better way is to massage the tanned area with baby oil and then use exfoliator.

When Using Home-made Beauty Mask

Beauty mask prepared with natural items does not harm our skin in any way. Mix up natural ingredients to prepare a mask that is useful for oily or dry skin as the need be. Do take your skin type (i.e. dry, oily, or normal) under consideration while preparing a mask and mix the ingredients accordingly, thus availing benefits of the nature’s treasure.

If in case you experience rashes or irritation on your skin after applying a mask, apply milk on the affected area with a handkerchief or clean piece of cloth, and stop using such ingredients in the mask mixture.

While Going for a Waxing Session

Be extra careful about the right temperature of the wax while waxing at home or outside. Excessively heated wax might burn the skin and leave dirty marks. If the waxing strips are not placed properly, the skin might tear along with it. Pay special attention while getting a facial wax done, so that it adds to your beauty rather than spoiling it.
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