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Face is an expression of our thoughts, nature and mentality.

Whenever we come in contact with anyone we have to be face to face.

Our face therefore, plays an important role in our day- today life and it is essential that we should keep it neat and clean.

Our surroundings are full of natural treasures. All we need to do is to obtain information about them. We can use these natural treasures in many ways to increase beauty of our face. Water is freely available everywhere. Using water to wash face again and again to increase its beauty is a natural process.

The first thing one should do after getting up in the morning is to wash face with clean water and spare some time for repetition of holy words initiated into by a Perfect Spiritual Master. This habit should be inculcated since childhood. While washing face, we must spray water on eyes and wash them. This provides relief to eyes and relaxes them. Besides, it washes away poisonous substances emitted from eyes.

It also causes exercise of eyes and most importantly improves eye sight. Body emits an oily and sticky fluid during night which covers over face while we are asleep. That also gets washed away when we wash our face and the face looks fresh.

Today’s life is hectic and full of hustle and bustle. We need to spend several hours outside house. Under such circumstances, preserving make up is a big problem. But there is no need to worry. Make up will last longer if we wash our face well or rub ice on it before doing the makeup.

Whenever you feel tired, you should wash your face, neck, hands, forearms, back of ears and feet well. You would feel fresh and tension free.

Whenever you return home from outside, you must wash face clean with water so that the dust, sweat and effect of other pollutants will be washed away. It will cleanse skin and make it softer and more beautiful.

If your skin is oily and if you sweat a lot, you must wash your face with cold water again and again. This is a proven remedy.

If your skin is sensitive and you get pimples and black heads every now and then, you should wash face with cold water four or five times a day and dab it with towel to make it dry. This will prevent pimples and black heads from spreading.

One should wipe out facial makeup completely and wash face clean before going to sleep at night. This will open up the pores and unwanted substances in the body can be dispersed easily. It will also make you sleep sound. You can clean eyes easily if you take water in your hands and splash it over the face. This also helps clean the face.

It is good for your skin and speeds up the blood circulation. As a result, cells get more oxygen and carbon dioxide will be exhaled. It also makes us feel lighter and stress free and provides relief from tiredness.

It is appropriate to use cold water to wash face. If normal water does not suit us, we can also use mineral water. What is more important is that we should wash face repeatedly so that the face becomes healthy and beautiful.

– Sarala Jain

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