Be Careful while taking kids to the park Sachi Shiksha

In today’s world, kids get so much absorbed by TV, computer and indoor games that they don’t go out to play.

Their parents or caretakers too don’t have enough time to take them out. But this is not good for the mental and physical health of children. Therefore, parents must take their children out on a walk or to play in parks.

While doing that, they should keep certain things in mind.

  • While taking kids to a park, they should be made to wear clothes appropriate to the climate.
  • Their clothes shouldn’t be expensive as then they won’t be able play freely.
  • Always take some toys along such as bat-ball, ludo, badminton, football, etc.
  • Take along neighbours’ kids so that your children don’t get bored.
  • Put a card containing the kid’s name and address, phone number in his/her pocket
  • If they insist, play with them so that they don’t get bored.
  • Keep some eatables and water bottle so your kid doesn’t ask for unhygienic food sold outside.
  • While he is playing on the swing, see that he’s doing it safely.
  • If your husband is at home, ask him also to come along.
  • This will allow kids to spend time with their father. The father will also feel the change.
  • Introduce yourself and your children to the park officials and workers so that they can help in any emergency.
  • Teach your children not to spoil the atmosphere in the park by plucking flowers or dropping eatables in the park.
  • Reasonable need based contribution for the maintenance of the park may be considered if it is a community place.

Shaili Mathur

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