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You are very fond of make-up. Naturally, you have bought a lot of products to beautify yourself. It goes without saying that these products are very expensive. But there is a big problem associated with these products.

If you don’t use them regularly, their date of expiry comes and they are of no use to you.

Their life is only for a limited period and you hardly notice that those products lying in your vanity bag or beauty box have expired. After paying such heavy prices on these branded cosmetics, we know that it becomes very difficult for anybody to discard them. But if we use the expired products on the body, they react with the skin.

As a result, the skin can be affected very adversely. These old and expired lotions and products may be harmful for skin, and when the life of these products is over, only one thing comes to our mind that it is no longer of any use. The only thing left to us is to throw them in the dustbin. Now it is wastage. There will not be any use of these products.

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But you don’t know, these expired beauty products are also very useful for you and you can re-use them. So we are going to tell you how you can re-use these expired beauty products in your other works. Take a look. Makeup brushes By using makeup brush again and again it becomes quite hard.

Due to its not being properly used in make-up, we throw it out. But think of it, if it is used in any other work, then it will be very good for us. In such a way, instead of throwing it, you can use it to clean the keyboard and such small things. Perfume or deodorant Instead of throwing expired perfumes, you can use it as a room-freshener or a bathroom freshener.

This will also save your expired product from being wasted and some will also be used. Gel eyeliner You can use the black gel eyeliner to polish your footwear like shoes or sandals. The footwear of black color sometimes get scratch marks which makes its look deteriorated. In this case the eyeliner can be useful.

Facial toner Do not throw your facial toner if it has expired, it can be of great use to you. It works like a good cleaner, so that you can clean the tiles, mirrors or tables of your home. These will be used to recover your money. It can be used after shave soothers. Use on arms, waist and legs after shave or even on eyebrows after shaping.

Eye shadow Once the eye shadow gets spoiled, you can use it to make different types of nail paint. For this, you grind the eye shadow properly and put it into the clean/transparent nail paint and you can easily make the nail paint of your favorite color.

Reuse of nail polish You have gathered a lot of nail polish, but now you do not use them, then you can use this nail polish to make painting. According to your creativity, good painting can be made with canvas paper or any good paper with the help of nail polish.

The best use of lipstick Expired lipsticks are not required to be frozen, because these lipsticks can be used as markers.

At times, there is a need to put big marks on some things, such as a cardboard box, or anything else. You can use lipstick as a marker easily.

– Preeti Sharma


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