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Beauty Tips For Males: We generally read in the newspapers and magazines about the beauty tips for the ladies. It is quite natural that women strives more to look beautiful, but with the changed time, men also want to look handsome. Although there is a huge difference in the skin of men and women i.e.

men’s skin is a little rough so beauty products for women and men are different. Men usually purchase different types of face wash, colour whitening creams or other beauty products but due to lack of knowledge, sometimes these products adversely affect the face and the face looks even worse than before or the effects are not visible accordingly.

Generally men have to do more work outside the house. Due to this, their skin becomes dry and lifeless due to dust, dirt, sunlight and wind in traffic. Moreover, the moisture of the face also goes away. Although there are many beauty products for men in the market, but they have no positive affect on skin but if you use natural home remedies, your face will blossom and all the dust from skin will get out which will make your skin glow. We will tell you about the natural home remedies, using which will fully benefit you.

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Take a red and ripe tomato. Make its paste in such a way that no lumps are formed. Rub this properly on your face. This removes sun tanning and dark circles of the skin.


Lemon has got some natural ingredients like Vitamin C, Potassium, citric acid which gives moisture. Let us know, how to make lemon face pack. First of all you boil one glass of water. Put some drops of lemon and green tea leaves. Boil them on low flame for five minutes and switch off the gas and cover it. When it cools down, apply this gently on the face. With this powerful tip, the wrinkles will go away. Natural properties of green tea clean the face also.


Grind one spoon of rice, a little bit thick. Apply this on your skin. With this the dead skin will go away.

Prepare the paste and apply

  • First of all take steam on face. With this, the pores of the face are opened and the paste goes deep in the skin and start working.
  • Then with your fingers, you put the paste from neck to face and fore head and let it remain for half an hour.
  • When your skin gets dry, start spraying drops of water on the face and start scrubbing. After two minutes, wash the face with warm water.
  • After that wash your face again with cold water. Gently rub it and after that put any moisturizer.


Papaya paste is very beneficial for the skin of men.

How to make the paste?

  • Cut the papaya and mash it.
  • Put one spoon lemon juice and one spoon milk and mix it.
  • Gently apply this paste on the face with both the hands.
  • When it gets dry after ten minutes, wash your face. Due to this, the dead skin is removed and the face glows. For getting better results, at least apply this thrice a week.

Milk face pack

Milk face pack is natural, which goes deep in the skin and recover the dead skin. This makes the skin soft and shining. Moreover, milk opens the pores.

How to make the paste?

  • Put some raw milk in a bowl. Dip the cotton in it and apply it and scrub it gently on the face.
  • Let it remain for 15 minutes to get it dry.
  • After a few minutes you wash your face with cold water. After using it for few days, you will see the difference. Your face will also start glowing.

Banana face pack

Banana face pack also gives life to the lifeless skin of men. The qualities of banana go deep in the skin and start working.

How to make the paste?

  • Remove the banana peel and mash the banana, put some drops of rose water.
  • Apply this paste on the face for few minutes and let it dry. Then wash the face with fresh water.
  • So by using this banana pack, the pimples and dark circles go out and skin becomes soft and shining. The dirt from the face comes out easily.

Multani Mitti

The multani mitti face pack makes the men young and handsome.

How to make the paste?

  • Put Multani mud in water for half an hour and then make the paste. Add some rose water in it.
  • Apply this on the face. After getting dry, clean the face with fresh water.

If you use this tip daily, you yourself can see the difference. Multani Mud will make your face soft and shining.



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