Think before saying yes - sachi shiksha

Some people believe that they cannot say ‘no’ to anybody. They say yes. Whenever they are asked to do any work, even if it is not possible for them they don’t refuse.

Always they give affirmative reply. These people are always in tension, confusion and easily come in the grip of depression. Most of the persons become the patient of hypertension, B.P. and other allied diseases. You will find these persons always in hurry.

They will involve themselves not in single work but multiple works. With the result of which they do not complete any work with complete satisfaction.

And when all the works are half completed, they feel guilty conscious. They want to please everyone, but everyone remains unpleased. They never spend a single moment in peace. The main reason behind this is that they have no courage to say no.

Frankly speaking their personality has not been developed. They always remain influenced by others’ thinking and don’t become independent. Their whole personality is scattered. In a family, sometimes in joint family one female member, may be she is sister, daughter-in-law, who will always be seen working and indulging in all the works , whereas other remain uncared. No one want to share the responsibility.

In these kind of situations, the person who is a little bit soft hearted and come in the influence of others has to suffer and their day starts with work and work and they sleep with tension late night.

This affects the whole schedule and they find even 24 hours less, no sleep no rest, no recreation , only work and work and that too incomplete work.
It is better to say no or you should understand the responsibilities before telling yes.
In professional life when big opportunities come, it is very difficult to say no.
But if the situations do not allow to take benefit from this, let us come to know about this.

Dangerous to take work beyond the capability.

Whenever getting a new opportunity, to say ‘no’ is very difficult. Generally people to get success in career, keep saying ‘Yes’ to every work.

They are afraid of saying no, and so they accept the work beyond their capability. If you take the courage to say ‘No’, you can spare time for the work of your taste, which will develop your personality and you will do the work with light mind and will be saved of so many uncalled diseases.

So when you get a big opportunity, you think over it that if you can honestly handle that project and spare ample time for that.
Because with opportunity, responsibilities will also increase and for not completing that your image and goodwill will also be affected.
You involve your self in some creative works and to overcome from the hindrances on the way of doing creative projects, some habits are to be said good bye, that distract you and in which you have to waste so much of time.

It is very important to give more time and space to your ideas so that they can give a complete thought to your work.

When you are over busy there may be stress, fear of not getting success. So it is very important to know how to manage the stress arising out of unsuccessful fear. The most important thing is that you analyze your capability, time limit and the resources.

If, on the basis of the analysis done, you think that you will be able to do the work, you can say ‘yes’. Otherwise leaving all the things aside, you can plainly refuse politely. It may create tense, but that will be momentary.

In the long run you will be benefitted by this and see that the people who were talking bad for you are now praising you.
It is because you have not kept them in dark.
You have cleared the position before hand and well in advance.

-Vinita Raj


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