O Son,This is a fruit of the Eternal Abode

O Son,This is a fruit of the Eternal Abode

Experiences of the Devotees The Infinite Grace of Revered Param Pita Ji

The devotee Ram Gopal Insan son of resident of the Eternal Abode (late) Sri K.C.Arora (retired SE), Shah Satnam Ji Nagar Sirsa (Haryana) tells us about an enchanting miracle of his Spiritual Master Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj in writing, this way.It is an incident of the year 1990.

That day while reciting God’s Word, I got a very beautiful glimpse of the Spiritual Master

Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj.

The revered Spiritual Master opined ,” Ram Gopal, let us take you to our home”.

I was following the Revered Param Pita Ji from behind. On the way, I saw very beautiful hills, very high mountains and very deep ditches, I requested the Revered Spiritual Master , where are You taking me to? Because I felt that Pita Ji was taking me away from here forever. I prayed to Him again and again, ‘I do not want to see the Eternal Abode (I had got baffled after seeing such deep trenches).

Please drop me back at home, right now, as my parents would be waiting for me. I am the only son of my parents’.

I saw, on a beautiful hill, 2-3 people were sitting and reciting God’s word. Two out of those three men were sitting with their heads in a particular direction and the head of the third man was in front of the two men i.e.
the three were sitting face to face with each other. Having seen them in that fashion, I asked the Revered Pita Ji as to who those people were.

The Revered Param Pita Ji opined,” They used to perform a lot of devotion but could not get salvation, that is why they are performing devotion by sitting here to get salvation”.

The Revered Spiritual Master was going ahead at a very good speed and I was following Him towards ‘up’ side, then I saw that the Spiritual Master was standing on a very high hill.
That hill was made up of gold and the beauty of the surrounding area was splendid. The Revered Pita Ji was looking very handsome while standing on that hill. I was very happy to have a glimpse of the Spiritual Master while standing at the base of the hill.

In the mean time, Revered Spiritual Master threw a fruit from there towards me and opined “This is a fruit of the Eternal Abode, eat it”.

I took that fruit in my hands and found that the fruit was of the color and size of ‘gulab jamun’ (sweet). As per His saying, I put that fruit in my mouth and ate immediately.

It is my earnest request to the Revered Spiritual Master , Rev. Saint Dr MSG, Lion Heart, that earlier I used to recite God’s Words, that day I developed a suspicion that from now on, the Revered Param Pita Ji should not take me along with Him forever, that is why during that very beautiful spiritual scene, had left recitation of God’s Word that I did not want to go to the Eternal Abode by leaving my parents. At that time, I was negligent.

I was not mature enough.
Please forgive me Pita Ji, I do not know, how much more You would have shown to me that day. Dear Benefactor! Keep granting Your limitless mercy. Please give me the power to maintain the divine happiness as well.

Many-many thanks to You, Pita Ji!

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