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Oil is not used for food only. These are mixed in different beauty products. Body and hair can glow after the oil massage. Do you know that oils can be made in two ways; one from the non fatty parts of the plants and trees like stem, root, leaves and flowers.

This oil has more density. These oils should not used directly to the skin. These should be mixed in other oils. These oils are called ‘essential oils’. For example lavender, peppermint, rosemary, neem, sandal and tea tree are “essential oils”. Other types of oils are prepared from the fatty parts of the plants or trees. These oils have less density. These can be put directly to the body. For example Coconut oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, or Mustard seed oil. These are called Carrier oils. Let us know how we can make our body healthy, Beautiful and smooth, with the usage of these oils

Coconut oil works as a scrubber

Scrubbing is done to take off the dead skin. Scrub is prepared by mixing some sugar in the coconut oil. Put this on the face, neck, hands, feet and arms. Now move your hand in circle. Dead skin will go away and fresh soft skin will come.

Use Olive oil to take off the makeup

By using the olive oil you can take off even heavy makeup also. Dip the cotton in water and rinse it. Then dip it in the olive oil and take out the extra oil. After that, gently rub below the eyes and also on the face. If the makeup is heavy, repeat this action. You can even remove the water proof make up with olive oil. It increases the blood flow and the closed pores are opened.

Almond oil works as a cream

Put the almond oil in a small bottle and keep it in the fridge. Put it on the soft skin like under the eyes because soft skin needs more nourishment. Use it daily under the eyes. Almond oil clears your colour also. If you put it directly on the face and slowly and gently rub it, it will clear your colour. Keep on rubbing it on the face till it is absorbed in the skin.

Olive oil works as a body lotion

Olive oil can be used before or after the bath. Oilive oil gives natural moisture to the body. In place of any other body lotion, you can use olive oil; your skin will be soft.

For black spots put neem oil with mixture of almond or olive oil

For removing the black spots from the face, take one third of almond or olive oil and mix one spoon of neem oil. Put it on the spots. Neem oil has the anti bacterial and anti fungal qualities. Do not put neem oil directly on the face. Mix it with almond or olive oil and then rub it.

Do massage with coconut oil

Put the coconut oil on the hands and feet and massage slowly. Coconut oil works as cream for the hands and feet. Being light oil it is absorbed easily in the skin. With regular massage of coconut oil, the skin of hands and feet becomes very soft and the torn skin also gets relief.

Wrinkles get away with almond oil

Instead of using anti aging products, after bath daily you take some drops of almond oil and put and massage on the face. The wrinkles go away gradually. For sensitive skin, mix lavender in foundation and primer.

You can mix coconut also. For dry skin, use of almond oil is very beneficial. For mixed skin coconut oil is very good. The persons having oily skin should not use oil.
They can use Elovera Gel.



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