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What is Beauty? Inner Beauty vs Outer Beauty

Many of us draw a glittering picture frame of a well-groomed woman or man in our mind when we look, remember or talk about the fascinating word BEAUTY. Nothing gets wrong in it. It seems pointless discussion on BEAUTY without WOMEN. Many a  time it is quoted that your physical appearance narrates most of you.

Beauty is a choice of an individual that should be a mixed combination of physical grooming and mental agility. When we talk about Outer Beauty, it consists of all the variants of physical appearance. This segment of beauty includes grooming, styling and the personality of an individual with the way he/she presents himself/herself physically in front of others. The second most important one is Inner Beauty. It is directly or indirectly connected with our life which remains there whether we are alive or dead.

What is Beauty? Sachi ShikshaOur thoughts, vision, actions, kindness, forgiving attitude, positive approach, sensible thinking and strengthening others by giving hope is the definition of absolute inner beauty. No one can steal it because it’s a fragrance that keeps on spreading and one can feel it and enjoy it. We and generations to come will remember him (Nelson Mandela) not for his physical presence (outer beauty) but what he has given to society with his thoughts and actions (Inner beauty).

This proves that the life of inner beauty is much longer than outer beauty. Do we remember clearly when did last time we laughed, smiled open-heartedly ? Not sure. The good news is that smile costs nothing; it comes free of cost to us, still, we don’t use it very often and it gets vanished. It is important to remember that each one of us is a tourist here, not a permanent resident & with a limited period option. Practicing and working on enhancing inner beauty is more important. It takes efforts and years of consistency to master.

Beauty is a feeling of happiness. It represents our soul most eminently and distinctly. Smile with your eyes. Nobody likes an artificial or a rubbery smile. When you pass on a smile show a few teeth. May be your teeth aren’t attractive, but that’s unimportant. People don’t see your teeth, they see warmth, an enthusiastic personality, someone they like. Say” thank you GOD I feel great today”. Make yourself alive all over. Good news gets good results. Broadcast it. Broadcasting good news activates you all the time, it makes you and others feel better. Speaking further, developing new ideas to live life is most important, nobody in this world wants to live a stereotyped life.

Same lyrics, same music, same voice. You must have observed some times when you do the same thing in a different way it gives you much more satisfaction and you feel rewarded. This small change will help you in enhancing magical feeling and growth. These steps indirectly get the involvement of others with you. Sharing and caring for others is an integral part of inner beauty.

Helping someone in need, doing nursing for a sick person and giving him hope with a smile makes him happy and plays a vital role in speedy recovery. Sharing your bread with a hungry guy is a speechless experience for you and him. The hungry guy is the most appropriate person to describe and feel your inner beauty. Thirst for enhancing inner beauty keeps you moving to reach another milestone. It is an unstoppable journey to keep ourselves on track, willing to learn and put consistent efforts. The result leads to inner growth.

Another thing on which one should focus on is the RIGHT ATTITUDE to shine your inner beauty. Most of us today are living in a society surrounded by a negative environment and materialistic things. It needs cleanliness to make a better place to live. Here, our right attitude towards people we know and of course with strangers should connect the world in the most effective and promising way.

The attitude works as a healer for soul, mind and spiritual growth. We all live in a society & this society has given us in abundance and it is our foremost duty to give back to society through our services, support, love and care. All of this will be possible when one has developed the right attitude and help others. Mr. Ratan Tata a reputed name in the business world has set up many milestone examples by serving society a hundred and a thousand times with his visionary efforts and right attitude– great example of inner beauty that the world will remember and follow in times to come.

People tend to think of having magical moments in their life but they fail to change for a change. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is a myth. Let’s start working both ways and start working on enhancing outer beauty for instant happiness and inner beauty for lifetime happiness.


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