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One of the strongest, most challenging and rewarded tasks in this world is to become a good parent, so here is the advice on Good Parenting Tips. Usually, most of the parents we see in society and nearby us are doing mimic while upbringing their child.

The result comes no more different and most of the children we see goes with the same level of thinking, choosing, eating, hygiene behaviour and so on. But when we talk about good or ideal parenting practices, some important aspects need to be taken into consideration.

Children and Family will be happy with Good Parenting - Sachi ShikshaAs a parent, we can adopt some effective practices which help our child to accept and apply in his/ her routine life.

Clear & Broadway Thinking

Highways are always built with a vision of minimizing the risk of accident and safety. The same theory applies to life also; our clear thinking with nature of accepting children’s views in broad ways is the key to successful parenting.

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Keep Things Simple

Every simple thing can be duplicated because it is simple and doable. No hard eye watch, no boring lectures all the time, no higher expectations – are simplistic approaches that always produce better results and we all always need better.

Watch, Feel & Then React

Many of us most of the time mistake about prejudging things in our own ways. Every human being thinks in his own way with his own perception. Everyone is correct. In order to improve ourselves as a parent, we must first watch every activity of our child, feel the same from his perspective, understand views and opinion and then react if required that too in a positive manner. No bossing, only gentle & polite way is required which a child can easily accept and digest.

Results & Rewards – One of the Good Parenting Tips

For a parent, it is an equally important thing to understand that we must reward and appreciate children for his / her every single effort and accomplishment. This practice helps them to come out with the best of abilities and time management. Size of rewards is not important but rewarding timely becomes a lifetime memory.

Effective Discipline

Most of the time this word DISCIPLINE creates fear and is not easily accepted. But a smart and intelligent parent always uses this tool very carefully in day to day activity of the child which helps him to accept, adopt and follow through his life. It’s an art as a parent to maintain it, regularize it and stick to it, only then the child can do it more effectively & intelligently.

Smart Connectivity

Today’s era is of doing things smartly, isn’t it? A mixed combination of past experience and present environment can definitely help us to create a smart connection with our children’s which further strengthens the  bonding in relationships and understanding with family and society we live in. Spending time together, sports and fun games, laughing, watching movies, reading with them, exchanging thoughts are a part of smart connectivity.

Adding Values

Very important to understand is we should keep adding good values in our life because kids duplicate us faster. The more we learn, the better way we get accepted, if we move on with this aim, we will be able to keep on adding values in kids’ lives as well. They are the future of our society and a better human being is considered an asset to society.

Value of Mental Strength

Being an individual or a parent, everyone has faced tough times in life. We overcome challenges just because of lessons of life taught by our parents when we were growing. In the same way, we must teach our kids those skills, that thought process – how to stay strong in a tough time and keep winning and staying optimistic. Remember, the battle of life has never been won by a muscular body but with the toughest mindset do.

Importance of Balanced Life

A well-balanced life is a combination of a healthy diet, fitness and mental well-being. These days you all must have observed crowd around you developed with obesity, on junk and fatty food, fast pace life & lots of worries. This all leads to diseased and poor life. People may have good bank balances but most of them are facing severe chronic diseases. Nobody wants all this at the end of the day. Such success is of no use.

As parents, it is our duty to follow healthier and balanced life and teach the importance of it to our kids as well. If gadgets are important so as the reading good books as well. Develop reading habits in them, books are true friends they never speak a lie. It is our duty to make them understand the real meaning of success.

These parenting tricks will help most of us to become smart and able parents for our kids with a vision that our kids will become much better parents in future for holding upcoming generations in a better way.


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