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In the world full of materialistic grown-ups, there is always a space for a child’s innocence and illogically logical questions. They seek answers for everything they see around, they are unaware of the bad in the world. Children are always attracted to good and kind things. There is always a tug of war between children and parents, children live in a bubble and parents try to protect the thin layer. Parents wish that their children always carry an innocent side within their heart, they try to answer their questions and make them understand the logic as simply and playfully as they can.

technological advancement - luxurious vehicle - Sachi ShikshaThe most important part of parenthood is to make children understand the importance of moral values and education. Every parent wants their kids to excel in the field of education, they try to imbed the seed of good education in their kids at an early age. Parents always wish to set good examples for their children and give them new learning whenever they can, they try to tell them moral stories and quote examples from their surroundings.

The story of Shibu and Aakash will give you an insight into a child’s illogically logical questions and how patiently a parent answers the all. Aakash tries to make Shibu understand the importance of good education, meanwhile, Shibu has a lot of questions around it. She is in her bubble and Aakash tries to protect the layer of her innocence.

A sweet little five-year-old girl Shibu loves to go out on the motor-cycle spree with her father Aakash. They both love to spend some quality time with each other whenever Aakash gets time on weekends. She waits for her father to complete his work and say “Shibu, go put on your favourite dress with sports shoes, remember we have to go and play on the swings”.

On one such evening, the father-daughter duo planned an ice-cream date after a good play session in the near-by garden. Shibu loves to play in the garden and Aakash loves to read his novels and watch her beloved daughter play in the lush green grass. They are inseparable.

“Daddy, this time I will eat two scoops of my favourite ice-cream coffee walnut”, said Shibu while hopping on the back seat of motor-cycle.

Aakash agreed to Shibu’s term and started to ride, on the way to ice-cream parlour Shibu innocently asked her father “Daddy, why didn’t you have a car like all the other people?” to which Aakash replied funnily, “because I didn’t study hard as much as they did”. The statement was intended to make Shibu realize the importance of studies. But the curious mind of Shibu was not satisfied with just one question, she observed her surroundings while sitting at the back. She again questioned her father, “Daddy, what about the people who are riding the bicycle? Are they also less educated?” to which Aakash replied, “Yes sweetie! They are way less educated than I am!”

Baby seat with safety features inside the car - Sachi ShikshaAfter thinking for a while, Shibu again asked her father, “Then what about the ones who are walking? They wouldn’t have even studied? Right?”, by this time Aakash became a little impatient and answered Shibu with a casual ‘Yes’!

While the father-daughter duo had their question and answer round, they reached their destination. Shibu jumped off from the back seat and ran towards the gate with glee and sparkle in her eyes. She was eagerly waiting for the two scoops of coffee walnut ice-cream, and Aakash was waiting eagerly for Shibu to stop asking her about the vehicle affordability. Meanwhile, they were having their ice-creams, the news channel broadcast the grand welcome of education minister of their district.

As every news channel has MSP of exaggerating the activities of politicians, here also the education minister Devesh Vidyarthi’s car was followed by a dozen other cars as well. He was seen travelling in the most luxurious car. Shibu was watching the telecast without blinking her shiny eyes and Aakash was terrified that she will start the next round of Kaun Banega Crorepati!

Shibu saw the luxurious cars of the minister and turned to her father “Daddy, this Minister is way more educated than you, look at his cars and the way he is welcomed by everyone, the garlands as well!”. Aakash knew that he cannot back out from the logic he presented earlier to his kid.

He recollected all the memories of him and Devesh Vidyarthi studying in the same college and what a failure as a student Devesh was who loitered in the college canteen all day long. How teachers would expel Devesh from the classes and also the fact that he repeated a whole semester. Aakash remembers the time when he was a decent student. Dwelling into the memory lane with a heavy heart Aakash replied: “Yes my child he is more educated than me”.

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