Help each-other with Heart

Help each-other with Heart

In our male dominating society “Joru ka gulam” or “slave of wife” is considered to be an abuse.

First of all we should know the meaning of the word “Gulam” (slave).

Gulam (slave) means to be under someone with heart, promise and deed”. But in our society this attire has been given to ladies. Here it is like a joke for the man to be under his wife. It is generally observed that soft persons become “joru ka gulam” (slaves of wife). Soft (buddhu) means to accept all the things without thinking and understanding it.

If with mutual understanding, husband and wife listen to each others’ suggestions, and if it is considered the slavery of the wife, yes some gents come in this list. Some people are of the view that some works are to be done by the ladies and some kind of works are to be done by the gents. For example let us see the daily routine work of a lady.

Getting up as first member and going to bed in the night after all the members is her fate. All the day completing all big and small works, like cleaning the utensils, washing clothes, preparing meals, serving the elders is a huge list of works to be completed by her that she falls short of the time to complete them. If this work is done in her absence, or her sickness, it is ok, otherwise if the work is done to help her, it is termed as “Joru ka gulam” (slavery of the wife).

Is it right? In our father dominated society, the male has to bear only the financial burden. Otherwise all other household work burden comes on the shoulders of the ladies. The lifestyle of the upper class and lower class is totally different.

If one class has all the facilities around for life, there remains no gender difference in the class because they share all the household and outside works together. The upper class depends on the servants for all the works.

And if something remains that works are to be completed by the ladies, not by the gents. In the lower middle class (half of the population of our country) these thing matter, like what the male member do? Usually all the burden of the household work is borne by the ladies.
She only knows all the important basic needs of the family. She only has to fulfill the social responsibility.

In other words she is the boss of the family. In some of the families doing any work after taking advice from the ladies is considered to be “Joru ka gulam” (slave of wife). Hence in the journey of life, husbands cooperating with their wives are called their slaves. Hence would it be wise to call such husbands, slaves of wives, merely looking at a fewer sorted out husbands thereby. Amla Prasad

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