O son, God will listen…

O son, God will listen…

 Experiences of the Devotees The Blessings of Revered Param Pita Ji
The devotee Mast Ram alias Leela Ram Insan son of Shri Hari Ram resident of Raslana Tehsil Bhadra district Hanuman Garh ( Rajasthan).

Thus describes (in writing) the limitless mercy of his Spiritual Master Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj:

The incident is of December 1986.
I along with a few devotees of my village in which Nekchand Insan, Mahaveer Insan were there and I went to Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa to listen to the discourse. After the discourse, we stayed there for a few days with an aim to do service for a few days that till such time I am here , I will do service in one way or the other and will take a glimpse of the Spiritual Master in the morning and evening.

Instead, the next day during the ‘Majlis’ Spiritual assemble when the Revered merciful Spiritual Master was attending to the present devotees among the spiritual followers and was listening to the sorrows of the devotees and was telling them about the solutions during that time itself, I too described in His honour, the problem of drought in the area of our village Raslana for the past three to four years and there is not even a drop of rain in the whole of area. There is a problem of acute drought in the area and all the ponds have dried up and also the level of water in the well has reduced .

The animals are also distraught with thirst. I also requested that Pita Ji please grant us your mercy and the animals who are yearning due to hunger and water and even the humans are distraught, please let the rain fall with Your benevolent blessing.

I also told him that just as there are big canals in this area (Sirsa Area) and please make one or more water channels canal lest we die of the dearth of water due to thirst.

The extremely merciful Spiritual Master listened to my prayer very attentively. Afterwards He granted his sacred blessings on me and said, ‘O son! God will listen.

He will send a big canal (in other words what will happen with a small brook). He will send a bigger canal.’ After two to three days of this, I was walking with a few friends of mine towards village.

In those days, the means of commuting used to be very limited in our area that we saw a real example of the mercy and grace of the Almighty that it started raining even before we reached our village and it rained cats and dogs. With the grace of Revered Param Pita Ji the whole of our area got filled with water and it rained so much that there was no sign of drought left and then there was bumper harvest of rabi crop.

Those who had been suffering from drought for four years became very happy after getting the bumper crop.

‘O son, God will listen’, the words of the Spiritual Master proved true as such and in two to three days only the revered Spiritual Master ended the bout of drought. The time passed and Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj , the Benefactor made the present Spiritual Master Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan the third Spiritual Master of the royal seat of Dera Sacha Sauda and He Himself merged with the Divine Light of God.

We did not even remember that He had ever delivered the words for a bigger canal that ‘We will send a bigger canal’ when the Raslana branch of the Sidhmukh Canal passed through our village Raslana, then I remembered the immovable words of the Spiritual Master which the true Spiritual Master had said from His sacred mouth that ‘what will the small branch do, We will send a bigger canal, O son’.

With the grace of the Spiritual Master, the whole of our area is happy. There is bumper harvest always. There is no dearth of water anywhere, for drinking and for the harvest and there is greenery all around and they reap a bumper harvest always. The benevolence of the Spiritual Guide cannot be paid for.

Then only it has been said that the Spiritual Master takes stock of the situation. The Spiritual Master provides happiness to His creatures in both the worlds.

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