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Health Tips For Computer Users In computer age, there is no use of computer, it is beyond imagination. Computer is a special need of today.

We cannot be saved from the bad results of computer, as we continuously use it. But there are some safety measures, using which,

we can minimize its bad effects.

  • The persons continuously working on computers generally sit in AC rooms. Due to this the humidity of our body comes down.
    To store this humidity one must drink 8 to 10 glass of water. Tea, Coffee, soft drinks do not replace the water and kidney has to work hard to get them digested.
  • Do not sit for long before the monitor. Due to this the eyes get tired and hanging legs also pain. Continuous sitting also result in back pain.
    To get saved from this get up and walk around periodically, at a gap of 30-40 mins, so that the eyes, legs and back get some relief.
  • If you can see greenery or water from the window, concentrate on it and enjoy the nature. Eyes will be fresh.
  • While working on computer keep on blinking your eyes, so that the eyes do not get tired due to constant working on computer.
  • Make cup with your hands and cover the eyes with the hand cups. Close and shut the eyes for 20 to 25 times. Your eyes will feel relaxed.
  • Whenever you feel tired or when you get up in the morning, sprinkle some water on the eyes. Only with these easy activities, the irritation, redness and allergy of your eyes will vanish away.
  • If you use spectacles, wash it at least once a day so that your eyesight is not affected due to the dust and mud on it.  NEETU GUPTA

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