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Digital Detox Introduction: Have you ever imagined yourself without a mobile or internet connection, or to be more precise, an existence without internet or social networking access to it? We are all aware that social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram make us dance on their fingertip.

This might be regarded as an entirely novel and more hazardous habit than drugs. You inadvertently give over command of your professional and individual affairs to the digital world, which in exchange binds you to digital gadgets and internet-based apps, leaving you recall what it is like to engage with actual world!

Excessive Use of Gazettes:

We fail to observe many individuals on the path with their heads held high, strolling, standing, or seated upright, worried about everything that is going on around them, maintaining time, and concentrating on the reason for being where they are. Individuals with heads held down, hands grasping their cellphones, entirely unaware of what are going on among them, before they realize it, and part of the time has gone.

According to research, 61% of individuals are glued to the internet and digital screens. Persistent digital connectivity is having a negative impact on our general standard of life. Experts have also shown that too much use of smart phones can alter the way the brain functions. Each smartphone scroll and swipe produces an increase of dopamine to the parts of the brain that react to addictive, hazardous drugs like cocaine.

Need for Digital Detox:

We all desire an appropriate attitude, attention, and ability to regulate our behaviour and feelings, and a genuine interaction with actual individuals, not on a computer, but in the living area or elsewhere. This happens when the necessity for Digital Detox comes into play. Yes, you read that correctly. Digital Detox! This specialized detoxification allows you to preserve a tech-life harmony, allowing you to live a happier and more prosperous existence. However, because of our never-ending addiction to gadgets and our 24/7 society, which promotes the demand for perpetual work, we are robbed of any genuine down time.

Steps to Digital Detox

When Using Your Phone, Pay Consideration to Your Emotions:

Consider why you are using your phone at that precise moment. Is it job or boredom that you desire to get rid of? Is it true that monitoring your phone lets you feel more superior? According to experts, improving your emotional awareness can help you manage limit your smart phone use. If it is interfering with the everyday affairs, you can try to reduce the quantity of time you spend on it each day.

Organize a Phone Pause:

If you are fascinated with your cell phone and believe it is an obsessive activity, you may arrange a period of time when you will not be accessing it. If you find it difficult to stay away from your phone, put it out of range or access so you can concentrate on what’s going on around you.

Monitor Your Activities with Apps:

What an unfair irony! There is an online approach to assist you in Digital Detox. A few applications can restrict your interaction with social media for a set period of time, allowing you to reduce the dependency on your phone and regain command.

Unplug Your Phone before Going to Sleep:

Unplugging your phone before going to sleep will help in many ways. You may additionally set a timer and ensure that you unplug it at that time. This will assist you in developing a bedtime routine and improving your sleep.

Switch off Notification:

If you catch yourselves reacting to every message alert, pings, or announcement, turn off all of them. You can also select the ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ option. Write down your thoughts or sensations. You’ll have the ability to fall asleep more easily knowing they’re securely written down. If you have odd dreams that keep you awake at night, writing them on a paper in the early hours can help you analyze them.

Whenever you’re not on social media, how often do you feel detached from the rest of the world? Make the effort to rekindle your connection. Write a personal letter to an acquaintance or family member. It’s a far more joyful and satisfying activity than messaging through instant messaging, and you’ll often discuss topics that would never come up when speaking short through electronic methods.

Advantages of Digital Detox

Beneficial to Your Mental Health:

Engaging in daily usage of technology raises anxiety levels. Reducing your use of social media can reduce stress and improve your self-image. According to a survey, persons who used this strategy for one week had less stress as a result.

Assist You in Sleeping Better:

The brain creates large levels of the sleep hormone melatonin at night, allowing you to sleep.  When you gaze at your digital screens at night, the blue light causes your mind to believe it is daylight and releases melatonin at a reduced level, leading for sleep disruption. Sleep deprivation can have a detrimental impact on your mental health and lead to long-term health problems such as diabetes or heart attack.

Help You with Digital Eye Strain:

Looking at a digital screen for a long amount of time causes dry eyes, fuzzy vision, headaches, and neck pain, all of which are signs of digital eye strain.

Help You Strengthen Your Social Security:

Partnerships can suffer as a result of technological devices. Allowing for no device use during dinner or a family gathering constitutes an important component of Digital Detoxing, which can lead to healthy family bonds. Detoxing from digital gadgets is frequently regarded as a means of focusing on real-life social connections without disruptions. People can relieve stress caused by constant access by avoiding digital devices, at least immediately.


It is true that digital devices have advantages. They have the potential to improve efficiency, ease, and interaction. However, the time that we spend on the internet leads to less time for actual life events we enjoy, less time spent with those we cherish, and our connections suffer as a result. The digital realm is always nearby, no matter where we are.

Smart phones, tablets, and wireless technology allow us to stay connected at all times. This is why Digital Detox is becoming more common. Taking the opportunity for regular electronic detox is vital for people of all ages, particularly children and teenagers whose minds are still forming.

It is worth mentioning that Revered Saint Dr MSG, the Spiritual Master of Dera Sacha Sauda has asked His devotees to stay away from gazettes. Under the Humanitarian Work No 146 “SEED – Social, Spiritual, and Self-life Enrichment and Enhancement with Digital Fasting” the millions of the followers refrain from using mobile devices, TV, and the internet from 7:00-9:00 pm daily and spend these two hours with family or friends. This campaign has brought amazing positive results thereby motivating more and more people to observe the Digital Fasting.


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