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With the changing time, the honour and respect of elders is minimizing.

New generation wants to touch the sky in a short span of time with their new thinking with the result forgetting our culture, human values and ancient civilization.

Today the elders are also considered to be like old luggage. Children are forgetting to respect the elders. The reality is this that over the past two three decades, tremendous change has come in our social management and way of thinking.

The tradition and approach of nuclear family is coming up very fast. The joint family system is finishing slowly and slowly or you can say it is on the verge of finishing. Today for a child the family means “Mother and father” or the other relation is “Uncle and aunt”. The breaking up of joint families, parents being working, they cannot and do not devote time to the children.

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Today the parents have even not got minutes that they peacefully sit and impart the culture and traditions to the kids, can tell the children about the relationships and can say that these are elder people who have brought up us.

Our survival on the earth is because of them only. The elders are not for our mercy only but they have the right of honour and respect from us but in the busy schedule of life who has got the time to teach the children to respect elders and our values.

This is not that in the nuclear families the children do not respect the elders. With the changed family values, even in the joint families, the children are not paying that respect to the elders which they deserve.

The children today do not want to listen to the stories from grandparents. They get attracted to cartoon series, computer, video and mobile games. With the result the children after coming from the school spend their time with TV and other recreations games. Their dialogue with the family members comes to very little or if they have any work.

The understanding, love and respect towards any relationship develop only when we live that relationship. We move with them or talk with them.

But when the children do neither live with the elders, nor they have love towards the elders, how they can know to respect them? In addition to this the busy life style of the parents or guardians, increase in the nuclear family system is making distance between the children and the grandparents (elderly people).

Reality is this that the elders have the treasure of experiences and if the children live with the elders, they will be able to have the understanding about the relationships and can under our civilization and culture and also learn many good qualities and habits.

This is our responsibility to teach our children to respect our elders and tell them that how precious our elders are for the country and for ourselves.


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