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You Can Sharpen Your Mind By Developing Faculties of Brain Have you ever thought that sometimes when literate people are left behind, on the other hand the people with ordinary knowledge do that work.

There are so many examples for this, not one. You can talk of Edison, Einstein or Bill Gates of modern period who left their studies in between but emerged as most successful persons of the world.

There are so many industrialists in our country who are not literate but are masters in their work. Actually they make better use of their brain.

You can also develop your brain. For this you should think beyond the limits and out of the box. It is a must. It can be implemented in studies, as well as taking decisions in life. Let us have help of some brain activities for the proper development of the brain. Regular practice of these exercises will help you to develop the powers to think openly and its powers will expand naturally.

First of All Picture Power

The picture power means the capability of the brain to draw the pictures in mind. For this close your eyes and on the heart imagine a circle. Then create a square and after that create the triangle. Creating this and observing it is very important.

Someone can do it easily whereas others have to keep patience. If you do not or cannot see these objects, draw these objects on paper. Concentrate on them and then close the eyes and try to imagine these on your heart.

These trials will be fruitful and your nerves of thinking will surely be benefitted a lot. When this becomes easy for you, take this to second phase. Imagine a circle on your heart and then change it to square and triangle shape.

Second Important Power is to Play With Sounds

For this imagine a radio in your mind. Now choose a line of your choice. In the beginning, the line should be easy and small. To exemplify, you can adopt “Mera Bharat Mahan”. In your mind listen this line. Now imagine that your brain is a radio. Twist the knob and make the voice a little bit slow.

After that go on slowing down the voice, very little even you could not hear it. Now start increasing the voice and imagine how would be the loud voice. Then take this also to the next phase. Imagine that this voice is being played in your mind very slowly.

Then play it in your mind very loudly. This exercise will expand your thinking and creating power and you will enjoy it also. In addition to this choose a particular colour and try to concentrate on it the whole day.

Think what is the role of that particular colour in your life? You will be surprised to note that you will see that colour at a place where you had not even dreamt of, or thought of. Black, White, Yellow, Blue, Green and Red, you can practice this for days together.

After that, concentrate on voice. One day concentrate on whispering and very slow voices. You will be surprised to note that even in the loud noises you could hear the sound of Jhingur, chirping of the sparrows, and sound of drops falling.

In addition to this choose barking of the dogs as your subject matter. See to it, how different kinds of dogs bark. For example what is the difference in the barking of one Alsatian dog and one Pomeranian dog; also try to find out the barking of an angry dog or a pampering dog. You will be able to increase your capacity in no time.

Do not think that your power to see or hearing is increasing, but with this the inactive centers of your brain are becoming active. You will be able to understand the minute difference in the things.

The huger difference between an ordinary man and a professional is that genius understands the minor things and keeping them in mind can select and take decisions. Do these exercises, amaze yourself!


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