Take Care of Yourself on Every Sunday - Sachi Shiksha

In our daily routine life we have become so busy that we do not even care for ourselves, like hand and feet, face and hair.

So keep the Sunday for you and glorify your beauty.


It is very necessary to take care of the face. Daily soil particles make the face dull. Clean the face properly with cleansing milk. After that do proper massage of the face with some cream. After the massage take steam and put some face pack according to the skin. When it becomes become dry wash the face. It will glow.


Due to sweating, smoke, sun heat and polluted air, the hair become rough. So wash it twice a week, but on Sunday take extra care of your hair. For this take a good quality of oil and do massage especially in the roots of the hair. Then steam the hair with hot water towel means take the towel dip in hot water and wrap the hair for 15-20 minutes. After that, wash the hair with shampoo. Also use conditioner. Rinse half lemon in one cup of water and use it as conditioner. The hair will become soft and silky and will shine.

Cleanliness of the Hand

We do so many works with our hands daily. So like other organs, cleanliness of hands is also very necessary. Every week on Sunday either you go to Beauty Parlour to get manicure done or do it at home. First of all take out the nail polish with the nail remover. After that take light hot water, put some salt, shampoo and lemon juice in a mug and dip your hands in it. With some soft brush clean the hands and the nails. After that do massage of the hands with some cold cream and put nail polish. With this the skin of the hand will become soft and the hands will look beautiful.

Care of the Feet

Like hand the care of the feet is also very necessary. To get relief from the tiredness of the week, and dirty feet due to soil particles, for the cleanliness of the feet get the pedicure on every Sunday. For this also dip your feet in a little hot water, put shampoo, salt and lemon juice. After that with soft brush, clean your heels. After that, do massage with some cold cream and rub it with soft towel. It will be better to wear socks for some time.

Lip Care

Daily use of lipsticks make the lips black. On Sunday grind the rose leaves and put on the lips and do not use lipstick. Your lips will become pinkish and soft.

Eye Brow

On the last day of the week, if you could not go to Parlour pluck the unwanted hair of the eye brows with plucker. Massage the eyebrows with olive oil, these will become black and GHANI.


While bathing daily or getting ready, we neglect the cleanliness of the neck. So take extra special care of the neck on Sunday. After getting up in the morning of Sunday and before taking bath, do a little massage of the neck, prepare paste of turmeric and lemon juice and massage it gently on the neck. With this the colour of the neck will be brightening.

When at the time of getting ready, put some foundation on the neck also in addition to face.

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