Remove the Loneliness of the Elderly People, Be their Friends

Remove the Loneliness of the Elderly People, Be their Friends

The main problem of the elder people is negligence and pain of loneliness.

In many houses there is no scarcity of facilities but the family members have scarcity of time and they cannot spare time for the elders. The old man wants to talk to all the persons.

He wants to tell his point. He wants to share his experiences, and wants to know about the surrounding incidents. We have no time or less time, does not matter.

We can make and feel them happy by changing our approach and by changing our schedule a little bit we can spare some time for them.

When the elder people say something, instead of neglecting them listen to them carefully and reply them. Some people have to say their own thing. They become satisfied with this.

Instead of making them quiet, listen to them. When we can reply again and again to the questions of the children, why do we get irritated while replying to the elders? Remember those days when you were a child, every effort was done to fulfill your right or wrong wish.

It is very necessary to remember the sacrifice of the parents, after all everyone has to pass through phase.

If we neglect our parents in the presence of our children, the days are not far off when our children will also repeat the same because the children learn from our behavior. If at all it does not happen, it is our duty to take care of our elders well and respect them.

If you are busy and you cannot spare time, at least act like that and make them feel that they are not being neglected and their point is being heard. Make them feel that their importance is supreme in the house.

They will become happy on this itself. Keep on asking about their health and needs. Before starting any work in the house, take their advice or get the work started through their hands, they will feel that even today they have importance and respect in the family. It is possible that you get a good advice. Who does not like praise? Every person in his/ her life does one or the other works, which are praise worthy.

If you discuss about such things with the elder people and praise them, they will become happy. This is impossible that they might have not sacrificed any of the things for their children. Sometimes we assume that the necessities of the elder people have no meaning because we are not in that situation. It is not right to neglect their necessities.

Whenever you go to market, ask them if they want to get anything from the market. Bring home more than the demand or requirement and especially those things must be bought in abundance which if they do not use can be utilized by other family members. Clothes, food items, health supplements and general medicines, which may be of use for them, may necessarily be bought for them.

This is our duty also, and a reason for their happiness too. In those houses where everything is in abundance, but the demands of the elder people are over-sighted and neglected, the residents of that house cannot be called human being.

Whenever you are going to a family function or to relatives, take the elders with you. Even if they do not want to go, you should ask from your side. After returning from them, show them the gifts and sweets received from there and tell about the programme, they will feel happy. If they are able to go for a journey, do plan such programmes, where you can take the elders also. If any guest comes home, do introduce them to your elders.

Take them to your elder’s room. If a new guest comes, introduce him to your elders. Till end they should think that it is their own home and they are the supreme in the family.

If the elders maintain the closeness with the family, they will be ready to sacrifice anything for the family. Actually respecting the elder people is beneficial for us. To remove the loneliness of the elder people, there are some household works which can be performed along with them or talking to them also.

If you feel that there exists no work like this, then search for them. For example you are cutting the vegetables, or doing sewing or embroidery, either take the things with you and sit with them. Or if possible call them and make them sit with you. Work will also be finished and with the conversation the loneliness of the elder people will also be vanished to some extent.

Works like reading the newspaper, or folding the washed clothes, or ironing the clothes can also be completed either sitting with them or calling them to sit with you. If the kids are small take them to the elder people and do their work in their presence.

Encourage the kids to play with the elder people. The elder people will also be engaged and while playing, they will give necessary information to the kids and thus will teach lessons of morality.

The families where the elders are not properly respected or the distance is maintained between the elders and the kids, such families future generation will never be open hearted, social and cultured. Hence taking care of the elders and respecting them is utmost necessary. – SITARAM GUPTA

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