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Organic Facial Protects the Skin From Side Effects

In organic facial, instead of using chemicals, natural herbs, fruits and vegetables are used which suits all types of skin and does not leave any side effects.

Different Facials for Every Skin Problem:

Every person’s skin is different. Some have normal skin, some while others have oily or dry skin. Some may have acne on their skin while others may have wrinkled skin. Organic facials are prepared keeping in mind the skin type. For example, if the skin is acneic, this facial is designed to reduce oil from the skin. If there are wrinkles on the skin and the effect of the age is more on you than before, the facial is done by combining wrinkle reducing properties so that your skin looks fresh.

Organic Facial Beneficial for Every Season:

One advantage of organic facial is that its results are better in every season especially, to reduce the effects of heat and sunlight. It contains cucumber, papaya, rosewater, stonecrop, black thorn & this mixture brings glow to the sunburnt skin.

It Can be Done at Any Age:

Being the presence of natural products in it, people of any age can take advantage of this facial. Organic facials are beneficial especially for those who have patches, tanning or freckles on their skin. This facial helps in balancing the tone. Due to the presence of essential nutrients in it, even people with sensitive skin can get it done without any hesitation.

Special Contribution of Massage:

In organic facial, attention is given not only to the bare facial skin but the neck, back and hands are also massaged properly so that after getting it done, you feel completely relaxed. If you do an organic facial for the first time, its effect remains on the skin for 6 to 8 weeks. Even if it is made regular later, it will take 6 to 8 months.

Steps of Facial:

  • In the first step the skin is cleaned. For cleansing, cleansers containing fruit extracts as per the skin type are used.
  • After this the dead skin is removed using papaya and other fruits.
  • Thereafter, various types of masks are applied to make the skin tight and smooth.
  • In the end, using skin form cream, the face, neck, back and hands are massaged so that the skin gets glow.
  • It helps in maintaining facial moisture. Wrinkles and spots are removed with this facial. By providing many nutrients to the skin, the skin remains spotless and glowing for a long time.


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