Sometimes, Stubborness is Also Necessary - Sachi Shiksha

Some people are very stubborn and obstinate by nature. Is being stubborn and obstinate a bad habit? Actually habit is not good or bad, only the results of it may be good or bad.

If the actions, reactions or the results of some habit are good, no one can deny its utility. Now take the results of stubbornness. Some people for the satisfaction of their so called ego become stubborn whereas the others do this to hide their weaknesses.

On the other hand, there are some people, though they are stubborn but instead of their wrong stubbornness, they are obstinate towards a wrong thing or wrong thought.

We generally call these people stubborn, but they are not stubborn. Actually they are following some rules, they are disciplined, honouring self respect, honest, not doing show off and bringing a positive change in the society.

We have two types of stubbornness. One is negative stubbornness and the second is positive stubbornness. If the first is dangerous for the person and also for the society, the other one is good for all.

Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak was also very stubborn. He said that independence is my birth right and I will have it.

He was firm on his principles and he used to criticize the British Government for its wrong policies and exploitative tendencies. He was poisoned many times, but did not leave the stubbornness. Gandhi ji was also stubborn.

But his stubbornness forced the most powerful British Government to bend down. For achieving the independence, the whole country became stubborn. The people became so stubborn that they fought to the end to gain the independence.

Can we consider their cooperation or stubbornness ordinary things? Some were stubborn to the extent that they even did not reply the violence with violence.
They were committed to non violence and truth.

Can we call stubbornness towards the values of life, an ordinary stubbornness? You cannot compare the stubbornness of Mussolini, Hitler with that of Tilak , Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose.

Every Yes or auto suggestion is also a stubbornness, but a positive one. Do not become stubborn like Mussolini and Hitler. Rather try to become stubborn like Tilak, Gandhi and Subhash.

Positive acceptance, taking oath and positive stubbornness is only able to transform the man.


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