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Peanut Nourishes Our Body Winter has come and so the taste of eating peanut has increased. Eat peanut with family and friends. It is called ‘almonds of the poor’. Peanut nourishes our body. But remember that excess intake of peanut can be harmful. Peanut Nourishes Our Body

A handful of roasted peanuts are really beneficial from the point of nutrition. Peanut has protein, calories and Vitamin K, E and B in abundance. This provides good nutrition. Peanut has protein, fats and sugar in it. One Kg. of roasted Peanut seeds (GIRI) gives energy equivalent to two gallons of milk.

The protein of this is equivalent to milk protein and fat is equivalent to ghee. By eating peanut, the need of milk, almonds and ghee is fulfilled. It generates heat in the body and so it is more beneficial to take it in winter.

It is also beneficial in cough. This energizes liver and lungs. Regular intake of this in small quantity increases the obesity. This should be taken regularly with meals like in vegetable and kichri. Having the oil content in it, it controls diseases related to gas etc. This improves the digestion system and is tasty, but it is harmful for the heat prone nature persons.


Argynine amino acid is found in abundance in peanut, which can be helpful in treating TB. This helps in increasing the nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is helpful in improving the resistance power in the body. peanut also has other nutrients like fat which leaves positive effect on the patients. In a study the patients were given Arginine capsules with the medicines.

It was found in the experiment that the patients given medicine with the doze of Arginine, responded well in comparison to other patients.

The fast improvement was noticed in the symptoms of constant cough. In the sputum test, the quantity of the bacteria were found to be less. Specialists are of the view that with Arginine Therapy, the time in the TB treatment can be lessened. The specialists also recommend that if the Arginine is not available easily with low cost, intake of Peanut would be beneficial. TB patients should eat peanut daily.

During Pregnancy

60 grams of Peanut taken daily by the pregnant ladies would help in the overall development of the kid in the womb.

Make powder of the roasted Peanut. Taking one glass of milk with three spoon powder of peanut results in healthy birth of the baby. You can also take roasted Peanut and chew it and take milk with it. This will have the same result. g INCREASE IN MOTHER’S MILK: By eating raw peanut daily, mother’s milk increases.

Eating new roasted Peanut also is beneficial for the feeding mothers.

Skin Softness

By taking daily the roasted Peanuts in winter make the skin soft and there are no wrinkles in the hands and the feet.


In winter the skin becomes dry. Take Peanut oil, milk and rosewater drops and massage gently on the body. After sometime take bath. All the dryness of the body will go away.


Before taking bath, take ¼ spoon of peanut oil and gently apply on lips and massage gently. Peanut oil is very useful for lips.

Useful During Obesity

Some specialists say that if before meals you take a little quantity of roasted Peanut with tea or coffee, without sugar, hunger is satisfied immediately and a person takes less quantity of food and thus gradually and slowly you are out of obesity.


Vitamin B is found in abundance in peanut. You can call it the storage of necessary calories. Even then the specialty of intake of Peanut is that it does not have cholesterol. It has mono unsaturated fatty acid, which reduces the danger of heart problem.

It is also printed on the container of refined Peanut oil that it reduces the heart problem. If you take peanut in limited quantity, there will be no bad effects but if taken more, it can be harmful also. Heart patients should take peanut in limited quantity.

It can be harmful for heart.

Dr. Drega Vaisiliyonovich and his colleagues from Chicago University have revealed in their research report that peanut is dangerous for health, as there is fat deposit in the inner wall of the heart which gives hindrance to blood flow.

Dr. Drega gave this research report on the basis of giving peanut morning and evening for full hunger satisfaction. peanut oil is nutritive and good for health also. This is digested easily.
This is so rich in protein that you need not take extra protein after taking peanut.

Peanut Oil is Also Useful for pain in hands, feet and joints.

By massage of this oil nervous system also becomes strong. After warming it slightly and doing massage, skin diseases, and etching are cured.


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