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Laser technique is the most comfortable and easy method to remove unwanted hair permanently. Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospital is providing this facility.

Don’t have tension at all if you are fed up with the unwanted hair on your body. Now with the laser technique you can remove hair from any part of the body very easily.

The best part is that it can be done comfortably without any pain. Laser technique is the best method for removing unwanted hair from the face or the body.

It can also remove spots on the body. You don’t need any other treatment after laser technique is used to remove your hair from the spot of your body that you do not want.

According to time period of the pimples, the therapy for their removal is decided by the doctor. The price of the treatment is also fixed accordingly. One can go home immediately after the laser treatment. Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospital, Sirsa is also providing this treatment.

Besides rempoving the unwanted hair from the body permanently, dark spots, pimples, scars, injury marks can all be removed with the help of laser treatment.

Plastic surgeon at the hospital Dr Swapnil Garg Insan said for the laser treatment, special equipment-lumines LightSheer ET or Lumines LightSheer acquplus machines and Alma Soprano machines have been specially imported from the United States of America for the laser treatment. The laser treatment at the Shah Satnam Ji Hospital is being domne through these latest techniques.

These machines have also been very helpful in removing the stretch marks on the ladies after their deliveries. The stretch marks have been removed very easily as a result. This is the first such hospital in the rural areas of the state to use such an advanced technique for removal unwanted hair from the body.

Removing Unwanted Hair

Facial hair on women looks odd. It creates a lot of disturbances for individuals as no woman wants to look ugly and unattractive. Even if the woman is fair, the facial hair will make her look dark. It will be embarrassing anyway for a woman to have facial hair.

There are any number of methods for removing the unwanted hair, be it using the plucking or tweezing method, using threads, shaving or waxing. All these methods give a lot of pain to the body. What is more important is they do not provide permanent solution to the problem of removing unwanted hair. Through these measures the hair is removed only for a short time, but they come back again after a little while.

The best way to remove unwanted hair from the body is laser. The laser treatment is absolutely painless and is comfortable. This also leads to permanent removal of unwanted hair.

Laser is a treatment by rays which is used for removal of unwanted hair from our body on a permanent basis. The best part is that the rays are absolutely cold which pierce inside our skin and slow down the process of hair growth.

These cold rays create warm rays in the root of the hair which are helpful in the removal of the hair from that particular spot. Here it is important to note that the laser is very comfortable and painless and the patient does not even feel that he has been treated upon.

How to get laser treatment done?

Laser treatment is a special measure that works very fast. By using this treatment unwanted hair from a large portion of the body such as face, hand, feet or any other part can be removed in just a few minutes without any hassle.

How to go ahead with laser treatment?
A few sittings are required for laser treatment. You have to go for laser treatment 7-8 times in four to six weeks. Laser treatment is lengthy, but permanent. Some people may experience redness or swelling on the part where laser treatment has been done. But you don’t have to worry at all. The redness and swelling will go away on its own in a day or two.

Which part of the body is the laser treatment possible?

If you are thinking of laser treatment then you should know that it can be done on waist, thighs, legs, neck, portion above the lips, chest, hands, legs etc. the techniques works very well on dark and hard hair.

Laser treatment is absolutely safe

For removal of unwanted hair from the body, laser treatment is absolutely safe. It is also a permanent way of getting rid of unwanted hair.

No precaution is required for this treatment. Just one thing has to be kept in mind that at the spot where you have got the laser treatment done, you should not do plucking, threading, bleaching, waxing etc. because the power of laser is reached to the root of the hair through the rays which destroy the root so that the hair does not grow at the spot again.

If you are planning to go for laser treatment then sit under the sun for at least two weeks continuously. During this time avoid bleaching, plucking, threading and any chemical or collagen injection.

The pimple spot goes away easily. In these busy times women try to avoid using long hours for facial etc. to remove pimple spots. In such a situation laser method is the best treatment. Laser technique is an excellent cure for removing pimples. Many people are adopting it to protect their skin. Through laser, the spots of pimples go away and you get a clean and clear skin.

Under the laser treatment the laser sucks the water from cells of the skin at the place of the concerned spot. By this method either there is temporary vaporization of the cells or it gets destroyed.

By the modern harmony laser technique, the affected skin is removed and a new skin naturally grows in its place. The skin where the laser treatment has been done remains pink for some time, but slowly the natural texture appears again.

Looking at the skin texture and the condition of the pimples, the doctors decide how many sittings are required for the laser treatment of the affected area.

Besides according to the advice of th surgeon, it also becomes necessary to protect the skin from sunshine where treatment has been done.
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