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In the metro cities, because of the fast life style, the life as a whole and the daily routine gets badly affected.

There are tremendous changes in the eating and living habits of the people. These days the teenagers and working women skip morning breakfast and move on to the school, college and offices.

However, knowing the fact well that how important is breakfast for the body, people easily skip it.

The breakfast in the morning saves us from heart attack, ulcer, sugar and obesity. You must have heard elders in the family saying that ‘we should never skip the breakfast’. But because of the ill life style and bad habits people start their day with starvation and many people leave home without breakfast.

Be aware, this is an alarm of danger. The studies done recently reveal that people are getting badly affected because of this habit of skipping the breakfast.

According to the study done by St. Jones Newfoundland of Memorial University, very light breakfast saves the active platelets of morning hours from getting disturbed.

This study throws light on these aspects that how the breakfast taken with plan that includes oats, grain, cornflakes, grape juice and orange juice helps keeping these platelets active and it thereby prevents from clotting which thereby reduces the chances of heart attack. Hence one should never skip morning breakfast

Breakfast means breaking the fast. This is because we stuff our body with energy after a long break of food from dinner. If seen we normally take a break of 8-10 hours after sleep and by that time all the food is digested and hence the body strictly needs breakfast in the morning. And we skip it and move out which brings weakness, tiredness and acidity which troubles our intestine.

Skipping breakfast regularly brings immediate results since the body gets surrounded with such diseases like ulcer, heat attack, sugar, asthma and obesity.

If we skip breakfast then the body needs to count on the stored glucose and this brings a disturbance in the storage level of glucose in the body and due to that you feel tired and weak. It becomes difficult to work during the day and the body encounters the problems like tiredness, fainting, and nausea.

Breakfast keeps us active and hence it should be nutritive. You can take milkshake, curd, and butter milk and fruit juices in the morning and as far as possible the packed juices should be avoided.

People move to work places with empty stomach and then consume junk food which reduces the nutrients from the body and the stamina also reduces. And many health related issues emerge.

Khunjari Devangan

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