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Balance in life style is necessary to live a happy, contented and successful life. If we adopt a right way of life when we are young, we can keep many problems and worries at bay by the time we reach old age.

We can with stand many types of problems and highs and lows in life when we are young, but as we inch towards old age, even slightest worry takes toll of our physical and mental health.

But if our way of life is balanced, then certainly we can withhold the physical and mental changes that take place in old age.

How to keep the balance?

Don’t do heavy exercises during summer season. Similarly, don’t go out in sun frequently and if at all it necessitates to go out wear goggles.

Avoid eating spicy and hot food. Increase the in-take of butter milk, curd and fresh fruit juices in the summer season and settle for light food.

During rainy season give utmost importance to the cleanliness of the body. Pay attention while drinking water. If possible drink water which is boiled and cooled or R.O. Water Try and avoid outside food during rainy season. In winter season oil massage to the entire body is necessary.

Cover yourself with warm clothes from head to especially head, ears and feet toe while going out in winter season. Eat the food that would provide heat to the food during winter. Long walks and mild exercises are recommended for this season
Daily routine

Get up early in the morning , sit in meditation repeating the holy words for an hour or so and go for morning walk in the nearby garden after completing morning chores. If possible do simple Yoga steps.

Go to bed early at night. Take your dinner two to three hours before going to bed.
The food you take must be balanced one. Eat salad before the meal. And if it is difficult to chew the raw cucumber or beet root, crush them or mix them with Daliya/mild rice. The meals should include ‘dal, sabji’, and curd. The meals should be taken at fixed timings.

To keep the wary body relax; try to have light oil massage every day before bathing. Opt for bathing water as per the changing season. Oil massage for foot and head is must daily.
Eating habits

The health of an old person depends upon the daily routine adopted during young age. But still having balanced diet is necessary in old age. Try to have food which is low on fats. Always have fresh food as it is difficult to digest stale food in this age.

Vegetarian should be the way of life for old persons as it is easy to digest and is good for health. Don’t drink too much water before or after the meal. The meals must be light and should include green vegetables, seasonal fruits as they play a very important role in keeping the body fit.

In old age, senior citizens should avoid heavy meal at one time. They in fact should divide the meal. The meal should be semi-liquid. Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa has always been emphasising is that one should include as much Desi ghee in diets as one could digest easily. This would help keep away the diseases and the effect of taking this ghee daily will last longer even after 10 years in extreme old age. Doctors have also now started prescribing so to their heart patients as well.

Try to have less number of coffee or tea cups.

Evening tea should be between 4pm to 4.30 pm
Buy pure milk and make curd/yoghurt from this milk.

In the old age, senior citizens have to fight with loneliness. So to avoid loneliness, try to get involved in various social activities. Similarly, they should also help the other family members in doing daily chores. This will keep the family members happy and they will not feel burdened with the responsibility of an old person.

It is important to do regular health check-ups during old age. It is necessary to take medicines as per doctor’s advice.

Old age is a beautiful gift of nature , it should not be anticipated as unwanted period of life. By maintaining a right life-style with proper food and rest and keeping in mind the above measures, we can make this period happy, contented and fulfilling.

– Eom/manasi

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