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How much your face is glowing, how beautiful you are, but if your feet are dirty then it is like a blot on your personality. So, today we came up with Foot Care Tips and How to take care of your Foot at Home with ease.

Under physical beauty, not only the face comes but also the hands and feet. So it is important to pay attention to the same feet as you keep focusing on other parts of the body. Heel of the feet say a lot about your life style.

There are several reasons for this condition of heels such as wearing open footwear, skin being rigid, standing up for long time and do not care of your feet etc.

Care for your feet daily

By taking some time out of daily busyness, you may find yourself taking care of your feet for a while. It is possible that initially you may not feel comfortable, but this habit can save you from expensive treatment.

Do not walk barefoot in the house

It is good to walk barefoot on the grass and sand, but we should not run barefoot on the floor of the house. Many people get used to walking bare feet at home but this should be avoided. You should wear comfortable footwear at home, whose grip is good and in which your legs can breathe and feel comfort.

Moisturizing foot Wash

Wash the feet before sleeping in the night and dip the feet in hot water. Apply moisturizing by wiping and drying the feet. A mixture of Vaseline and lemon is also beneficial in dry (cracked) heels. By adding glycerine to coconut oil, cracked heels get cured soon. If there is no time to make lotions at home, then use Deep-Moisturizing Foot Care lotion.

Try to wear belly or jutti etc. Whose back should not open. It does not cause dust on your feet. Dust clay is also a major cause of foot bursts. Look for a medicated powder or spray if you have sweaty feet. Powders usually contain aluminum chloride hex hydrate to help keep feet dry.

Wear Sunscreen

Wear sunscreen on the tops of your feet. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to your feet when you are going barefoot or wearing open sandals.

Get Support

Standing for a long time can make your feet sore. Wearing in soles can help make shoes more comfortable. Look for insoles that have a plastic shell at the bottom. Podiatrists say the shell makes them strong enough to provide real support.

Pedicure at Home

Enjoying pedicure with skilled hands is a different time taken out of everyday busy routines, but it is not always possible for anyone to find time. In such a way, try the Home Spa. It is very beneficial for your foot. There are many types of foot wash available in the market, but there can be a good foot wash solution prepared with things at home. Add some drops of oil, honey or lemon in it, feet will be very relaxing and they will become soft.

Take care of your nails also

Use a good remover to remove nail polish from the nail. Do not use acetone to remove nail polish, it is harmful to nails and nails can be bad. While cutting the nails, keep in mind that the cut does not come near the skin. Clean the nails with a cuticle pusher. Scrub on your legs to remove dead skin.

– Vivek Sharma

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