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After marriage, the new bride may have difficulty in finding a new relationship with the new people in a new environment because the time of 22 to 26 years is spent in a different environment with its own people.

At that time, the relationship is between the parents, the brothers and sisters, where the smallest thing goes, but the in-laws are all new people.

But it takes some time to make the twins of sweet relationships and understanding them and there is need to be patient and cool. Experts say that with the preparations for the wedding itself, preparing for the change that comes after marriage should be done by the bride, just like the ones who are in the in-laws’ house, who are the age, some of them also have their home How is the environment, (if it is possible) If get love from both sides, then relations can easily become sweet.

Let’s learn some tips that will help you adjust with new relationships:

Do not panic

This is rule number one. Start on a positive note. Just be calm and don’t panic thinking about how well you can settle in at the new place, or will you be able to impress them all. Get a basic thing right- you can not impress everyone and everybody, but yes you can be cordial to all. Don not overdo or do things that you will not be able to continue in the long run just to impress the family. Just get involved in conversations, so that you can get to know your family members better.

Do not take any hate or irritation in mind for in laws family

Often friends and people living in nearby surroundings are heard and seen that mother-in-law is such a very bad personality. Sister-in-law does not want that you laugh and play. Mother-in-law is always in the forearm. When you say anything, she can interrupt you for anything and anywhere. Such things can also be seen in TV serials.

The experience of everyone, the way to thinking and circumstances are also different. Take these examples positive and use them wisely. Do not implement any other’s thoughts without experience. If staying away from these prejudices will adopt new environment and new relationships, then relationships will help to become healthy, strong and sweet.

Think of new home as your own

Make yourself a part of the new house. Think of it as your own. Take part in family discussions. Take interest in things like decoration of house, budgets, and other things related to your new home. If you have any suggestion or changes to make, then just ask your in-laws once before going ahead. Remember, do not do all this just to impress them, do it out of love.

Always show respect to your in-laws and invite them

If you or your husband is employed in another city then it is clear that you will go out with him. In a month or two-month or as convenient for you, you must go to your in-laws to meet them, only then the relationship becomes sweet and solid. Occasionally call them in your city, take turns, take them in restaurant and offer them to eat good things. It increases proximity and mutual understanding.

Confide in with mom-in-law

Your mother-in-law has been an integral part of the household that you are entering. She is your better half’s mom. Respect her. Befriend her. Do not make her feel that you are there to take her place. Share your thoughts with her. Try talking in a manner, as you would have done with your own mother. If she reprimands you for a thing or two, take that as an elderly trait and suddenly do not start thinking of her as a “monster-in-law”. Do not forget your parents also scolded you at times, right.

Do not try to change the family members

Many times, girls like to see the same environment as they have spent time in them in parents house, so they want the same environment in the in -laws house also. But all families have their own eating habits, modes, customs, dresses, festivals, fasting, worship methods. Try to understand them first, and look at the needs or opportunities to talk about their modes. If you want from the beginning that all of you follow you, it may be impossible, never pressure them, but rather make positive changes and give the opportunity to flourish relationships.

Be Friendly with sister and brother-in law

Your husband’s siblings can be your best friends in the new household. You can rely on them completely as they will leave no stone unturned to make you comfortable in the house. Open up to them. You will love hearing their childhood tales. All this will help you know your better half in a whole new way. They will provide you relief when you feel bored and they will help you understand things around your new home. Love them as your own siblings. Ladies, rest assured, you will love the time spent with these partners in crime of your better halves.


Talk to all the family members. Speak less and sweet to yourself. Sometimes the wrong words can also be spoken by speaking too much. If you feel inappropriate about someone, talk directly with love without any tease. Misunderstandings will be removed. If you put the wrong thing in your heart, then the problem can increase.

Try to keep everyone happy

Being happy is the identification of healthy relationships, but do not hesitate to keep everyone happy. In the starting, you try to keep everyone happy, but later, their expectations become more and you get angry and if the expectations are not fulfilled then the irritation starts to increase. Be balanced with all of you, so that relationships remain happy.

Keep your point after thinking

Methods of customs, rituals are almost different in every family, and generally the new daughter-in-law is expected to pursue those same traditions. If you are a working woman and you do not get this much time for all these thing, then keep your point of view while keeping their feelings in mind.

– Neetu Gupta


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