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To remain healthy and happy and doing more work, we tend to forget a very powerful instrument that lies inside us – we very often ignore the opportunity to select right time or the opportune moment.

Our body has been designed genetically for time coordination like sleep, work and recreation. The template of every person is different.

The person of one set height of PR3 genes likes morning activities whereas the genes of other height prefer evening time. These varied similarities have given the capability to do work according to their own easiness. But changing life style and the work timing has no relation with our natural body-rhythm.

The research reveals that this unmanaged life style has direct relation with obesity, cancer and other related diseases. This problem has no easy solution. But if you are given the information of your inner clock, you will surely be able to manage time for exercise, social relations and important discussions. Generally for discussion of serious matter, evening time 5 p.m. is OK. This is due to the reason that during that particular time of the day most of the people are in good mood. At 11pm in the night mostly people are tired. The change in the timing affects the health and also it leaves good impact on your mental freshness. Inner clock also manages your thoughts and relations.

Good thoughts and good relations which are managed by our inner clock affects our age also. Life was very easy when the life was not too long. People used to work when they were young. With the aging factor getting upper-hand, downfall in human life began to start. But in the last century, the discoveries of science have disturbed our inner clock. The discoveries of new life-saving medicines have lengthened the age of a man. Sometimes long age proves to be aimless.

The result reveals that to make the life in extra years better, the most effective is the social relations. Studying on the old age, the Chairman of Think Tank Milfen Institute says that for healthy long life, adding relationships with others, positive approach is considered to be most important. To spend the remaining years of the old age happily and with satisfaction, try to listen the TIKTIK of your inner clock. This will guide you lead a happy life:

Adopt Technology

Aging process cannot be reversed, but the research says that new technology throws away the loneliness. Scientists say that the present social network can do much for the old people and thus keeps them busy. If they are engaged in business, it would automatically throw away negativity. This new technology can give job opportunities to senior citizens.

Dependence On Family

According to a study people were asked to list their most trustworthy five people. The person who gave more names of the family, have less possibility of death in coming five years. The possibility of death was less than who have healthy family relations.

Welcome The Old Age

Listen to the inner clock and cope up with the circumstances. The researchers of the Yale University found that the negative approach increases with ageing. When they were told to think good their approach towards the aging process changed altogether.

Excitement and Energy

According to a new research, some similarities are found in old age people like openness, excitement towards new experiences, constant efforts for the aims and good mental health. With innocent laughing also we can keep the ageing process away.

Aim and Risks

Many researches show that long life has direct relation with a definite aim and target. The question arises when there is no aim. What to do? Do online courses, help the people and do any new challenging work.

Rays of Hope

A new study reveals that the heart attack patients with positive approach recovered early compared to the people with negative approach. The people with positive thinking decide easily to leave smoking and drinking and switch over to healthy foods quickly.


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