The Great Grace of Rev. Saint Dr. MSG “O son, You have been initiated into God’s Word, Recite it”

The Great Grace of Rev. Saint Dr. MSG “O son, You have been initiated into God’s Word, Recite it”

The devotee Anand Swaroop Insan son of Mr Vedram Sharma of village Ahmadanagar block Agota district Bulandshahar (UP) tells us about an interesting incident of the Spiritual Master Dr MSG, in writing, this way.

It is describable, that in the year 1982, Revered Pita Ji arrived at many places in and around Bulandshahar (U.P.), in many villages and cities (for the purpose of emancipation of the souls).

In this rural area of ours which was very backward in economic terms, the Spiritual Master organized discourses, initiated people into God’s word and made them shun wine and meat etc.

which is a big favour by the Spiritual Master.

During that, I too was initiated into God’s word by the Revered Spiritual Master.

The truth is that I did not want to get initiated into God’s word, at all, ie.

But by seeing others, I too went and sat among the people who had come to get initiated into God’s word.

Many years went by but neither did Revered Pita Ji come to our village again to organize discourse nor did I or anybody from our village go to Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa to attend the discourse or went to Barnawa (perhaps nobody), as far as I know.

But this is for sure that I never went there.

I had got initiated into God’s word but it was as if I had kept it locked into an almirah.

The words of great men are hundred percent true, that initiation into God’s word by the Perfect Spiritual Master never goes waste.

However barren the land is, the seeds of initiation of God becomes sprouted, when the time comes and whenever the creature passes through the happy environment.

Then came the year 1994 (ie. after 12 years).

The perseverance of the true name of the Spiritual Master generated a bit of yearning in the heart. Those days, Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan arrived at Shah Satnam Ji Ashram (Dera Sacha Sauda), in Barnawa(U.P.) and with the grace of Revered Pita Ji, I even got a chance to visit the Barnawa Ashram.

I requested the Revered Guru Ji to get me initiated into God’s word, on which the omniscient Pita Ji opined immediately, “O son, you have already been initiated into God’s word.

Recite it.” With the mercy of the Spiritual Master, from that day onwords, I started reciting God’s word regularly with complete perseverance & yearning.

With the mercy of the Revered Spiritual Master, I started talking to the Spiritual Master in my dreams and thoughts. The Revered Spiritual Master Himself started giving guidelines and instructions for the worldly works, from that day itself.

In those days, when the Revered Pita Ji started the constitution of blocks (for the first time) for the convenience and mutual meeting & cooperation of the spiritual followers, they made me ‘Bhangidass’ of my village and with the mercy of God, I am doing that service even today.

One day, I was reading the experiences of the devotees published in the holy magazine Sachi Shiksha of Dera Sacha Sauda, to the spiritual followers in the spiritual assembly, where it was written that the Revered Spiritual Master had given His divine glimpses in reality to devotees after seeing his true yearning.

After reading the miracle, yearning got awakened in my inner self for His glimpses as to how do they get the glimpses of the Spiritual Master,

I should also try and that please give me Your glimpses, in reality.

That night, as per my daily practice, the moment I Lay in bed after doing recitation in the morning at the holy time between 3:30 to 4:00 am, the Revered Pita Ji gave me His live glimpses.

The Spiritual Master opined from His holy mouth, “Tell Me, O son! you are getting the live glimpse”. I kept quiet.

I kept on looking at the radiant face of the Spiritual Master.

The next moment, the Revered Spiritual Master got hold of my hand with His sacred hands and pushed me softly and opined, “Tell me O son! whether you are getting live glimpses or not.” I looked at the sacred body of the Spiritual Master with great devotion.

My whole body and heart got blossomed after looking at the radiant light of His sacred body.

I felt relaxed and got a lot of happiness.

O yes, Pita Ji!

After looking at Your divine light, my whole body is being intoxicated.

A billion times thanks to You! My happiness knew no bounds after having the live glimpses of the Spiritual Master with open eyes.

O my dear Spiritual Master! This scene of Your sacred view should always remain so in my memory.


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