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Hey Granny and Grandpa.. Have you ever experienced the Fear of Old Age? In this body, one does not know when do the childhood and youth com and go but the old age is such that it comes but does not go.

Old age comes and stays with you!

The old age is such that it vitiates the color of youth.

It weakens the power.

It finishes the attraction. Therefore we become alert from this pain and sorrow. We want that the old age should not happen with us but it happens. No matter how hard we try to color our hairs, adopt beauty products, go to gymnasiums, and take the pills prescribed by the doctors but the old age has to come ultimately. It is a certain destination of the ganges of life.

One has to arrive at that. When the old age’s arrival is for sure then why should we fear it? We should be ready to welcome it.

Fear of old age or death?

This fear is of old age for sure but the fear of death is also hidden in it.

Whatever may be the condition, nobody wants to die. Not only the human being, even the animal wants to be immortal. This very wish of life is natural. The old age is a destination before death. It comes prior to death and makes us helpless and takes us near the death. The fear of old age is also the fear of death, which is natural.

But nobody has ever become immortal! No matter how hard the kings and scientists tried to do the research to remain young by going over the old age but ultimately, they lost. In our opinion, it turned out to be good. If there had been no death then imagine how would this life would have been, you will shudder!

Welcome The Old Age!

One should think about the above condition deeply. You will find that there is no way you can save yourself from old age. It has to arrive. You may color your hairs, eat medicines, but the age like river is flowing every moment.

It does not stop. It is changing every moment and this change will continue till old age and the last rest is in the form of death. We do not become old in one day. The process of becoming old goes along with the birth. Whenever we celebrate the birthday, we complete one step of the journey of life.

The birthday is an analysis of our journey of life. On this day, the form in which the life is there-should welcome it. By thinking that becoming fearful of old age is like fearing from death, we should prepare to welcome the old age..

If we are ready mentally then we will be able to enjoy the old age. Crores of people are enjoying the bliss of old age in this life only. Their experiences are available, one should take advantage of that. Prepare to welcome the old age so that the bliss, enthusiasm and fervor of old age are maintained. The only solution to save from the old age is to keep the childlike behavior saved. We learn in our childhood. We experience in the youth and understand in the old age. If we preserve the virtue of learning then there is happiness all around. The learning does not end ever.

The Children Are True Of Their Mind

Think as to how does the child learn? The child sees the world through open eyes. There are billions of dreams in his eye. He does not drown in vainglory! He does not know any jealousy and malice. He knows only of the language of love. When he kittles, then he is not required to be appeased. In just a few moments, he becomes alright! He forgets whatever happened. The childhood is a very soft heart.

We forget the childhood. Neither do we know any laughing nor do we know any smiling. There is no question of clapping while dancing! That is why the old age happens with us. We are not able to welcome the old age.

The old age is a symbol of good behavior. The old age does not come, it is actually brought. Everybody does not experience the old age. A few leave in the childhood, a few leave the world in the youth and a few adopt old age in their youth. The youth of 40 years of age are found to be lying in bed and cough around.

Now, it has been proven scientifically that our lifestyle decides about the length of our lives. If we are engulfed in wine, smack, or tobacco and other means of intoxication, shirk from hard work, eat fast food and other roadside heavy food then there will be old age in our youth, By being infected with the diseases, we will get death. In reality, the old age does not come, it is we who invite the old age, on our own.

If we accept the childhood as the bliss of life, save ourselves from malice, learn to forgive and apply ourselves in the well being of others with enthusiasm and fervor, then only we will be happy. The feeling of philanthropy creates the happiness.

The selfish life creates the tensions and arguments. Note that only those people get honors who are knowledgeable and are active. The honor due to old age is the last reason. We should remember that for health, the mind with the body is an essential reason. That is why, a sacred scripture like Geeta has told about the three virtues of nature, Pious, royal, and greed. In the same way, food and rest, too, are very important parts of lifestyle.

That is why, Shrimadbhagwatgeeta has described clearly about the food and sleep and the direction is that how our food and sleep should be and how much should we sleep. The old age is a result of successful lifestyle and good behavior.

This is not a natural incident, only.

Our Experience

In our country of hundred crores, there are seven crores of old people. The politician and actors, artists, singers and literature writers, in our country running in their eighth decade, they are active and are living happily. We do not give their examples, there can be many reasons of their lives of this type but those spending their lives very simply, are also living spontaneous, easy and happy old age. The entertainment is also essential in life.

In the name of entertainment, not only cinema and T.V. are there, but also our children who while playing and jumping, smiling and singing give us happiness and spending time with them is like making old age on the run. Tom Staperd says, ’If we keep our childhood with us then we will never feel the old age’.

This is the secret of enthusiasm and fervor. Writer Vidya Niwas Mishra writes in ‘Parampara bandhan nahin’, ’the old age is not a state of body but a state of mind. Think about it, is this not our experience? The twentieth president of America, James A.Goldfield says,’ If the wrinkles appear on the forehead then do not take them to heart.

The enthusiasm should never be affected by old age’ Focus around you, you will find such active old age people which will make even the youth feel the pinch. Get inspired by them. Why should you be scared of old age? It has to arrive! Get ready to take the bliss out of it.

Writer Vrindavanlal Sharma writes in ‘Mrignayani’ that the one who works becomes old only a few hours before death. Therefore, do good deeds and share your experience. Do not be scared of old age. Make merry of it.

– Satya Narayan Bhatnagar.

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