Perform courtesy to the guests - sachi shiksha

Etiquette is a part and parcel of our life. In the absence of etiquette, the ideal society, ideal family and successful and balanced life cannot even be imagined.

This is the foundation of a balanced practical life by combining rights and duties.

It helps to create a good society.

Either the education of etiquette is given in the family since childhood, which is said to be that the courtesy of the manner is etiquette.

It provides even more attractive personality to the person’s physical beauty. There are different forms of etiquette which are found on different occasions in our life, but the importance of it is something else in front of the guests.

Guests come regularly to everyone, and from time to time we also become guests of each other.

Some people do not like that guest should come at their home and they behave very odd whenever guests arrive at their home, but on the other hand some people seem to be greeted with more than enough on the arriving of guests, but these both things are totally wrong.

It is very important to know that what to do, how to live and how to deal with them when guests arrive at our home. So let’s talk about some important things about this:

First of all we should greet the guests according to the Indian tradition and after that ask them to sit.

If guests are familiar or close relatives and they come to stay for a few days, tell them about their room and bathroom.

Be sure to tell the guest what is contrary to your family and environment. There may be some mistake in the house of ignorance and you will have to bear the brunt of it.

Do not do the evil of any of your family members, relatives and neighbors before the guests, it is a gross rudeness, and more praise to the skies also does not look good.

If the guests are coming from a distance and you already know very well about their coming, then you have to deal with the necessary tasks and bring them from the station, bus stand or airport.

Always be in your limitations and use respectful words with the guests and talk to children with a great love.

Never underestimate your child before your guests being neglected by your children, ‘hey’, ‘abe’, ‘where did u go? ‘sit down and read’, never use these type of poor words.

By doing this you are being humiliating  to your child, you are also introducing your rudeness to the guests.

Such behaviors can frustrate your children.

They can create a sense of selflessness, which can be very dangerous for both you and your child.

Keep in mind that till the guests stay, there is no disrespect for the guests by any member of the family, it is very rude. If guests do not behave according to your favorable way, then do not laugh or make fun of them.

Do not feed the guests alone, but feed them with other members of the family, because eating alone can be felt shameful and he will eat less.

At the same time, do not feed the guests even after choking them that their health gets spoiled and there are problems in the pleasant moments of happiness.

Be sure to entertain your guests. Manage newspaper and magazines etc., for them. If there is radio, tape recorder or television available in your house, be sure to fulfill the hobby of the guests. If guests have come from a far distance, then you must take a trip to them to the important places of your city.

In the end, when the guests go back, it is the duty of all the members of the family to come to the door and a great farewell by folding your hands and make sure to use these words, if you get a chance, you will definitely come back again, ‘, but do not forget to send a letter or phone call to us after entering the house. By using these words you can keep mellowness in your relations.

If you implement these important things then the guests will not have any complaints to you. Then definitely you will be able to become a good host.


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