Get Respect by being an Ideal Housewife

Women are glorifying their names in different fields. Many women were honoured on International Women day (8 March) this year.

Some wise poet remarked in Sanskrit “Grihani Grihmityahu:n Griham Grihamuchyate” i.e. the home is from a housewife, without a hosewife a house cannot be called a home.

This definition of housewife is abjectly complete in itself. Home is not without housewife, even if there’s a home it doesn’t feel like going home. Housewife is like oar of the life’s boat, she by her mental power, character strength and her sacrificial life successfully tries to take this boat to the shore shielding it from gusts and vortexes.

The peace, happiness and development of the household are based on her stout shoulders.
If she wants, a housewife can turn a hell like domestic life into paradise. Various roles of a housewife: One form of a housewife is of a ‘Guardian Goddess’ and another one of ‘Destructive Black-force’. In other words we can say that the husband and wife are two fundamental wheels of the vehicle of the domestic life. To properly drive this vehicle forward both the wheels have to be healthy and aliphatic.

If crack or dryness comes in any of the two wheels, it will screech and this harsh sound will grow so much that it will annoy the fellow travelers and will become for itself extremely difficult to drive and bear the load. Who knows that the wheel slip away from the vehicle and fell back on road and the vehicle stalls on the sandy path.

The whole credit for making the life prosperous goes to the housewife only. Ideal housewife give Upliftment and welfare not only ofa home but she is welfare giver for the society and nation as well. In the form of ‘Gallant delivering mother’ she gives birth to heroic defender sons who tame the enemies in battlefield and return home victorious.

In the form of ‘devout mother’ bears such wise offspring who by facing the inconspicuous and impassable Brahma, emancipate innumerable creatures submerged in this whirlpool, by their knowledge and aims of devotion.

A “Blue stocking mother’ gives birth to those sagacious sons who do not let others stand in front of their irrefutable wisdom. ‘’Selfless mother’ gives birth to such generous children who donate everything for country, community and welfare of the society and do not want anything in return. The civility, education and discipline etc of the citizen everything so depends on the ideal housewife.

The primary school for all subject for a child like education, civilization, discipline, chivalry etc , is home only, its head mistress is the mother who can make her child. History is the witness to this fact on all the great men of India the bright character of their mothers had the clear imprint. The excellent manners of truth speaking, pious Putlibai were visible in her son Mohandas as it is, since his childhood.

In future that child was a unique follower of truth and non-violence, for whom to this day the whole world bow its head in devotion calling him the ‘immortal priest of humanity’.
Similarly Jijabai the mother of Shivaji gave him the education in the primary school of the home, that remain with him as strength till the last moments of his life.

In the childhood of Mahadevi Verma, the sweet songs of Kabir and Meera that were hummed in her ears by her mother, those songs have abruptly flown today as her ‘Virah ki peer’ (Agony of Separation). Like this not only one or two but innumerable examples can be given, the credit to their life was based on ideal housewives. No one can do favours for the upliftment and future prosperity of the society and the nation like a housewife.

Education is the primary requirement for an ideal housewife. Education cleans up the mind of a person. He/she realize his/her duties/non-duty, recognizes merits/demerits.
Understand the real value of life, glands of the mind open up. So, if the base pillar that bears the large load of the household is uneducated, then the household cannot run properly.

Although the dog spends its life getting reprimanded house to house, but the life is to live properly, so if it is to be lived in a good way then it is utmost necessary that the housewife should be educated. Shastras have told many forms of the housewife, during the trouble she delivers the duty of a friend by good consultation, remains in selfless source and service like a mother.

In the time of happiness she gives happiness to her husband as a ‘wife’, stops her husband and children from transcending the bad path like a ‘teacher’ so tell if someone who has such great duties, remains illiterate then how will it work.
Hence, for an ideal housewife, education is most important, but the education should be an ideal one, not like the present polluted education.

Deftness in domestic affairs is extremely important for a housewife; if she is not skilled in domestic affairs then she cannot run the house. An ideal housewife feels immense gratitude by feeding her family with delicious meals. When Laxman left for the forest with Rama, Urmila had this concern only – Shall have cooked and fed all, would have felt merriment in it only Alas it is my woe, whom shall I feed this unleavened and the delicious.

Ideal housewife never feels shy in arrangement of meals, this is the ill effect of today’s education and freedom that the women feel insult in cooking, along with meal management, housewife should also keep the accounts of income and expenditure.

Ideal housewife always spend less than the income of her husband and certainly for moments of trouble save for assisting her husband in economic crises. Hence the central and all other state governments have emphasized on ‘Save daughter educate daughter

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